News From This Week’s Past: Sept. 22 – 29

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Independent, September 17, 1886


While loading his revolver early Monday morning, Knut Erickson accidentally shot himself. The ball entered his head just above the right temple, and its present location, is, of course, difficult to determine. Dr. Blorse, of Rowley’s Bay, who is attending him, is of the opinion that it passed through the brain, and is resting against the skull on the left side. The patient rests quietly most of the time, and there is hope of his recovery if inflammation does not set in.


Door County Democrat, September 17, 1898

The authorities are hard at work trying to collect the dog tax. It is a just tax and ought to be collectible. However, there are many farmers living within the city limits who are far outside of police patrol and consequently deprived of police protection. They have to stand their portion of the expense of keeping up the police department but have to be their own police. They are almost obliged to keep dogs to protect their fruit and vegetables from thieves, and it seems as though they should be exempt from dog tax.


Door County Democrat, September 22, 1906

Watermellons have been shipped into Sturgeon Bay this season by the carload for the first time. One carload was shipped here from Indiana, and another from Iowa. The melons are selling at 15 cents each.


Door County Democrat, September 21, 1917


Door County Sends Twenty-One More Soldier Boys to Join the National Army.

Door County’s second consignment of drafted men, 21 in number, left the city on Wednesday afternoon for Camp Custer at Battle Creek, Mich.

At 1:30 o’clock the boys met at the city hall, where T.C. Proctor, clerk of the local board, called the roll, each man standing up as his name was called. The muster roll was as follows:


William Wellever

John N. Ellenbecker

Henry N. Propsom

Alfred Jenquin

Clarence William Haen

Ira Gray

Everett Long


Oscar Johnson

William Loslie

Fred And. Schubert


Albin L. Ohman

August F. Eckert

Edw. Cornelius Christianson

William A. Anderson


William Reiner

Sylvan Delfosse

Frank Knapp


Laxis P. Nelson

Elmer F.R. Anderson


Chauncey H. Haskell


William F. Reschke


Door County News, September 20, 1928

No Hunting On

Little Lake This Year, Police State

Anyone caught hunting on Little Lake, at the extreme northern end of the city limits on the east side of the bay, will be placed under arrest. This action has been taken by the city police and Gamewarden A. P. Vanden Kelen.

It is against the city ordinance to hunt within the boundaries of the city but in past years the ordinance was not enforced on the lake. Duck hunting in that vicinity has been unusually good in the latter part of the seasons.


Door County News, September 20, 1934

Herlache Gave Good Service on Returns

No one appreciates more than The News the service that was rendered by County Clerk Ralph Herlache in furnishing the returns from Tuesday’s primary election. This was the first time that the new law had been put into effect, which makes it obligatory for election officials to inform the county clerk the results in full following the final tabulations.

As usual, Washington Island was the first precinct to report Tuesday evening, while Liberty Grove and Sevastopol held true to form and were the last two precincts to give out their votes.

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