News From This Week’s Past: Sept. 8 – 15

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Expositor, September 4, 1874

The largest black bear known to have been killed in Door county, was killed by Mr. Fritzler, last Sunday night at Sand Bay. He weighed 220 pounds dressed.


The Republican, September 4, 1890

Brussels – The school house in Dis. No. 2 has been removed to the five corners, so that all the children have about the same distance to go.


Door County Democrat, September 7, 1901

The time is at hand for country school students who are eligible for high school membership to take advantage of the new law passed last winter by which students can attend a high school at the expense of the town in which they live, the town raising funds by taxation to pay the tuition.


Door County Democrat, September 6, 1912

Improving Dock Property.

The gravel and sand dredged from the bay at the grist mill is being used to fill in back of the grist mill. Theod. and Wm. Jacobs are completing the work on the north end of the dock where considerable piling was driven to enlarge the water frontage and when this is finished a scow-load of stone will be brought up from one of the quarries to fill in behind the piling. The entire dock property is to be cleaned up and put in first class condition.


Door County Democrat, September 7, 1917

Secures Dredging Contract­–The contract to dredge the channel for the Wisconsin Telephone cable to be laid across the bay has been let to the Wisconsin Dock & Dredge Co., in which the Rieboldt & Wolter Co., of this city is interested. The contract to be paid is $1,500.


Door County News, September 3, 1925


People who saw the Ten Commandments at the Door Theatre the past couple of nights are loud in their praise of the picture, which they claim to be the finest and most wonderful film ever presented to the people of this county. It is not often that a picture such as this is shown in a city of this population so soon after its release. And by the way this is no advertisement but just a boost for a good picture.


Door County News, September 6, 1935

Capt. Jepson Plans To Construct Barge

Capt. Wm. P. Jepson who operates the ferry boat Welcome between Gills Rock on the mainland, and Washington Island, has enjoyed splendid patronage during the summer season. The biggest day was Monday, Labor Day, when 48 automobiles belonging to summer residents returning to their homes in various parts of the country after spending a vacation here, were transported from the island to the mainland. Six trips were required to transport all of the cars.

Because of the increase in patronage each year, Capt. Jepson is planning for the construction of a tow barge with a capacity of 26 automobiles, that he might offer even better service during the busy season. The barge, to be of steel, will be constructed during the winter months.

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