• 34 Things We Love About Winter in Door County

    I used to hate winters. Though some friends loved the day when the tourists disappeared, the restaurants cleared out and the shops closed for the winter, I dreaded it. The Monday after Fall Fest was always one of the most depressing of the year. But after returning to Door County in 2017 after living in […]

  • Door to Nature: Christmas Trees

    This is the time of year that Roy and I would look for a nice medium-sized natural tree to bring home and decorate for Christmas. Our schedule was such that, with organizing two Christmas bird counts and preparing the Door County autumn season final bird report, it often became mid-December before we had time to […]

  • Feature: Jens Jensen Returns to Door County

    A huge crowd at an event in late August at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall saw Roger Kuhns go backstage with a tan suit over his arm. But the man who emerged wearing that suit a few minutes later looked and sounded nothing like Kuhns. Who he did resemble to an uncanny degree was 86-year-old […]

  • Timeless Charm at the White Gull Inn

    Some things get old, while others get better with time. There’s no doubt about the category in which Fish Creek’s jewel, the White Gull Inn, belongs. At age 122, it still reigns at the end of Main Street, as it has since 1896. Inside, the cozy warmth of the early American décor continues to charm […]

  • Thanksgiving Aromas Open Door to the Past

    The day and the meal were always the same. The orange-glazed sweet rolls began the day. The smells of baking and cooking mingled together to fill the small house with aromas of spice and roast turkey. There was the traditional green bean casserole, the candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with butter and whole milk, dinner […]

  • Thanksgiving: Don’t Mess With Tradition

    Traditions make the holidays. They are expected, welcomed, and even the hokiest rituals bring “comfort and joy.” Don’t find them essential? Oh sure, just try not putting up your Christmas penguin village one time, and deal with that gale force blowback. Even so, over time, traditions evolve, new ones are established, and some just fade […]

  • Southern Door Football Star LeCaptain a Leader On and Off the Field

    by Matt Pothast Derik LeCaptain wrote his name all over the Southern Door High School football record books this season, but when you talk to those who coached him, it’s not the numbers that come up first, but character. “He is kind and appreciative to everyone he interacts with, whether it’s a fan, a competitor […]

  • Feature: One Hundred Years Since the End of ‘The Great War’

    A century ago, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the “war to end all wars” ended. With the signing of the armistice on Nov. 11, 1918, between the Allies of World War I and Germany, a prelude to the formal Treaty of Versailles that would be signed six months […]

  • Election 2018: What’s on Your Ballot?

    Governor/Lt. Governor Scott Walker/Rebecca Kleefisch (Republican) Tony Evers/Mandela Barnes (Democrat) Phillip Anderson/Patrick Baird (Libertarian) Michael J. White/Tiffany Anderson (Wisconsin Green) Maggie Turnbull/Wil Losch (Independent) Arnie Enz/No Candidate (The Wisconsin Party) Registered write-in candidates for Governor (as of Oct. 26) Ryan Cason (Republican) Paul Boucher (Democrat) Mark S. Grimek (Constitution) Jared William Landry (The American Party) […]

  • Haunted Peninsula: A Look at Places with Spirited Reputations

    Editor’s note:  This is a condensed version of a feature in the fall issue of Door County Living. You can feel it driving around on the dark, country back roads at night or right after turning off the light for bed before your eyes adjust. It’s heavy. It makes your skin tingle. Maybe you freeze; […]

  • A Look at the Boys & Girls Club: Part 2

    A great future doesn’t exist without a living-wage job. And for kids looking forward to a future in Door County, that means a solid foundation in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). That’s why the academics-enriched program at the Boys & Girls Club of Door County (B&GCDC) has invested in top-quality materials that include the […]

  • A Look at the Door County Boys & Girls Club: Part 1

    Several years ago, the Door County Economic Development Corporation brought in a speaker, Patrick Carr, who talked about “rural brain drain” – the thing that happens when the brightest kids in a community receive the most attention, go off to college and then take their degrees to urban centers, where the best-paying jobs are. “Rural […]

  • Egg Harbor Administrator Ryan Heise Wins State Arts Award

    When she operated Dovetail Gallery in Egg Harbor for 21 years, Kathleen Mand Beck expended a lot of brainpower on how to get people into the gallery. That eventually led her to the idea that art isn’t a place and it doesn’t stop at the gallery door. She sold the gallery four seasons ago, but […]

  • Behind the Scenes at the Death’s Door Juniper Harvest

    Fifty bartenders walk into a bar… it sounds like the start to a joke, but instead, it was my Tuesday night. Having just arrived to Washington Island, the group of bartenders, bar owners and myself were there to partake in an annual tradition that has helped bring new life to the local economy and agriculture, […]

  • Nonprofit Formed to Preserve Horseshoe Bay Farms

    For more than a century the barns of Horseshoe Bay Farms have been an imposing presence on Bayshore Drive near Murphy Park. Thanks to the work of two generous families those barns will stand for decades to come. Lori and David Nicholas have entered into an agreement to purchase the farm from Glenn and Barbara […]

  • Gloria Dougherty: A Woman with Two Passions

    It is said that every person has a story to tell. Gloria Dougherty has at least two. The one she was happiest to talk about on a recent day involves Amos, her almost-12-year-old golden retriever. When he was six, Amos attended classes at Birchwood Kennels in Sturgeon Bay to become a therapy dog. Tested off-leash […]

  • Capt. Robert Desh Brings Ship Canal History to Life

    For anyone born after 1882, the ship canal has been a familiar part of Door County’s landscape. But it’s difficult to imagine how it – officially the Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan Ship Canal – could have been created nearly 14 decades ago in an era that was just beginning to put steam power to […]

  • For the Birds: Conference Examined Decline of Aerial Insectivores

    As 50 or so people stood looking up at the darkening sky with anticipation, a vortex of several thousand chirping chimney swifts swirled overhead in their nightly communal roosting ritual during fall migration, reminding at least one viewer of the bat scene “somewhere around Barstow” in Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. […]

  • Starting an ‘Inclusion Revolution’ with Turning Point DC

    by John Koski Karl DeMeuse is a quintessential multi-tasker. Two days a week he works at Sonny’s Pizzeria, takes a short break and then completes an afternoon shift at Econofoods. They are only three-hour shifts, but it is impressive because Karl has physical and intellectual challenges. In addition, he mows lawns and creates needlework coasters […]

  • 26 Years at Shepherd of the Bay: Community to celebrate Gladys Austgen’s retirement

    by Jim Honig and Judith Jackson In September 1992, Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church invited Gladys Austgen to serve as organist and choir director. Now, 26 years later, the congregation will honor Austgen’s retirement with a celebration on Sunday, Sept. 2. There will be a rite in the 9:30 am worship service, and then […]