• An Unwanted Visitor

    Door County residents are known for their hospitality, giving up their time and home each summer to thousands of visitors. This summer, however, people across the Door Peninsula are trying to keep one visitor out.

  • More Than A Job: Al Johnson’s employees celebrate 60 years of family and friendship

    To most people, it’s the restaurant with the goats on the roof, but to thousands of current and past employees, it’s family.
    A family of perhaps a couple thousand tied by a bond that can only be created when people are buried by a vast sea of customers, questions repeated millions of times, and pancake orders shouted into a kitchen and recorded only in the minds of swamped cooks.

  • Kitchen Fire Closes JJ’s in Sister Bay

    One of Door County’s most popular restaurants is closed today after a fire charred the kitchen of JJ’s La Puerta in Sister Bay at 6:55 am.

    “The smoke alarm went off and I woke up to black smoke coming up through the floor,” said John Young, a JJ’s employee who lives in an apartment above the restaurant.

  • One Last Time?

    The Village of Egg Harbor will take another crack at approving a plan for its marina when it invites voters to the polls again for a referendum July 28.

  • The Lettie Mink Ranch

    Northern Door is well known for its orchards and fishing boats and fallow dairy farms. And while most visitors are familiar with Mink River, few of them know that the peninsula once was home to mink ranches.

  • The Man Under the Hat

    This summer at Gibraltar School, as classrooms are cleaned, last year’s paperwork is completed, and faculty members prepare for September, the school is phasing out some of its old equipment.

  • Water Thief is Climate, Study Claims

    A public hearing that the International Great Lakes Study Committee originally didn’t even plan on holding turned out to have more depth than any other, study officials said Tuesday.

  • Birds Park

    Bobby McCullough was a preschooler in 1954 when Birds Park came into his life, but he remembers very clearly driving north through Baileys Harbor in his family’s 1947 Buick, when his mother suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, my God, isn’t that wonderful!” The wonderful thing she’d sighted was a funny old concrete house, painted white and blue, […]

  • Door County’s Other Accents

    “How are you?” It’s the most common of questions, and usually doesn’t elicit much thought before a response. “I’m fine, thanks,” is the standard, no-thought response, whether true or not. But for the 400 or so international students who come to Door County to work in its kitchens, dining rooms, and shopping aisles each summer, […]

  • Farewell to the Father of the Norzwich

    The Father of the Norzwich, Gerald Norz, died June 8 at age 78. For 30 years he was a fixture, along with his wife Ann, in the aisles and behind the deli counter at the Fish Creek General Store.

  • 28th Annual Dairy Breakfast

    When 4,000 people show up for breakfast, it’s not just a meal; it’s an event.
    Now in its 28th year, the Dairy Breakfast, sponsored by the Sevastopol High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) alumni, serves anywhere from 3,500 to 4,400 people.

  • Egg Harbor Decides to Decide Later on Marina…Probably

    A clearly frustrated board of trustees decided to take a little more time to decide on new referendum language at a special board meeting Monday evening at the Paul Bertschinger Community Center.

  • Emotions High as Egg Harbor Discusses Marina

    Emotions were on full display at the Thursday, May 28 joint meeting of the Egg Harbor Village Board and Harbor Committee as a defensive village board discussed what to do in the aftermath of Tuesday’s vote against building an expanded marina in the tiny village.

  • Teaching Beyond the Textbook

    In June, about 350 young men and women will graduate from five Door County High schools. They’ll walk stiff and halting across a stage, trying not to look awkward in front of family and friends, and trying to remember the right way to turn.

  • NO

    Voters in the Village of Egg Harbor voted down a proposal to build a new and expanded marina May 26 by an 87 – 81 margin.
    The controversial project had the support of all five village board members, but voters disagreed with the size and cost of the project.

  • Southern Door County’s Belgian Wayside Chapels

    Along the roadsides of southern Door County, in the heart of the Belgian-American settlement, an observant traveler might notice small unobtrusive buildings standing slightly apart from a brick farmhouse or painted red barn. These simple structures, built of wood and adorned with a cross on the roof or above the door, could easily be mistaken […]

  • Silent Revolution: Door County’s silent sports community gaining traction

    After the spring thaw, a narrow trail hides beneath the matted bed of leaves on the floor of Peninsula State Park. The air is crisp, the trees are still, and the silence of the forest is disturbed only by the rustle of a breeze through the lightly burdened branches of blossoming sugar maples, basswoods and […]

  • THE Farm: A Living Museum of Rural America

    I first went to THE Farm in 2003 or 2004, having avoided it for many years; I had ignorantly assumed it was some sort of hokey petting zoo for kids, and I hadn’t had kids yet. I agreed to go only because my cousin and his young daughter, Scarlett, were in town – THE Farm […]

  • On Call, On the Edge: Fighting Fire in the Door

    “When you’re entering atmospheres that are in excess of 1,000 degrees, you’re living life on the edge,” Caleb Whitney says wryly about his job as a firefighter and company officer for the Baileys Harbor Fire Department. Indeed, the firefighters of northern Door County live on many “edges” simultaneously, straddling the lines between fire and water, […]