• Ditching the Diaper

    We’ve long considered diapers a given in the baby-raising department, but the folks at are working to change that. It’s not a group promoting reusable diapers, but rather, the elimination of them altogether.

  • American Transmission Company Proposes Additional Door County Lines

    On October 15, 2008 the American Transmission Company (ATC) held an open-house meeting to enlist local support for their revised plans to expand electrical transmission capabilities to northern Door County.

  • Taking Care of Baby, Sustainably

    It’s an obvious fact, often quoted to nervous parents-to-be in order to reduce their fears about childbearing: people have been giving birth for millions of years.

  • New Natural Step Sustainability Study Circles

    Sustain Door, Inc. a local not-for-profit organization which promotes the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of Door County is offering three free 8-week book discussion courses over the next several months.

  • The Heating Conundrum

    Long gone are the days when turning on the heat meant simply lighting a fire. Today’s consumers have more fuel options and delivery systems to choose from than ever before, and it’s easy to get lost in the torrent of information.

  • Great Lakes Hydrology 101

    A recent presentation at Crossroads at Big Creek by Dr. Eugene Stakhiv of the Institute for Water Resources and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers focused on the activities of the International Upper Great Lakes Study Group (IUGLSG).

  • A Change in the Air?

    A recent analysis predicts a 40 percent reduction in domestic air travel by 2025 due to high oil prices. Canadian transportation experts Richard Gilbert and Anthony Perl say the US might go from 400 major airports to 50, even with a 50 percent increase in fuel efficiency.

  • Great Lakes Holds Vast Energy Potential

    A report from the Michigan State University Land Policy Institute estimates that offshore wind power could generate 10 times the power the state generates from fossil fuel, or 321,000 megawatts.

  • Post-Oil Preparation

    A study by Common Current ranks the 50 largest US cities based on readiness for a post-cheap-oil world. 1. San Francisco 2. New York 3. Washington D.

  • Emerald Ash Borer Update

    Last August the Emerald Ash Borer was found in Wisconsin, in Ozaukee County near Newburg. This nuisance beetle has also been located near the state line in Illinois and has recently been found near Escanaba in Upper Michigan.

  • Alternative Energies Provide Lifesaving Communication

    In September of 2008, Cellcom built an alternative energy cell site located on Door County’s Chambers Island. Cellcom’s green cell site will provide increased cellular coverage and is currently enhancing radio coverage for the Door County fire radio system along the steep west coast of the Door Peninsula.

  • Traveling Green

    As gas and other energy prices soared in the first half of the year, going green became not just an ideological choice but an economic imperative. Detroit automakers felt the pain of years spent churning out SUVs for short-term stock market gains at the expense of virtually handing the future automotive market to foreign brands.

  • Highlights From the Year in Green

    • In April, Sustain Door held the first Door County Sustainability Fair at Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay. The fair brought speakers, educators, and local producers together in a show of the peninsula’s environmental muscle. • A standing room only crowd of over 250 people heard former Newsweek correspondent Peter Annin discuss his […]

  • Door Bluff Headlands On Track for Expansion

    The Door County Parks Department is taking steps to expand Door Bluff Headlands County Park by purchasing over 70 acres of land adjacent to the park’s southern border. “We’ve always had a low-key eye on this property,” said George Pinney, Director of Door County Parks. “We don’t usually pursue things like that, except to put […]

  • Island Wheat Farmers Now Organic

    Death’s Door Spirits announced that Washington Island farmers Tom and Ken Koyen have received organic crop certification from the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA).

  • Door County Energy News

    In the spring, I asked readers of the Door County Environmental Council’s (DCEC) newsletter to share their tips and ideas on things they do to make a difference protecting our planet.

  • Door County Green News: Mapping Conservation

    “Greenprinting” is a computer software modeling process and framework that has been developed by the national non-profit conservation organization Trust for Public Land.

  • Filtering the Filter

    So you don’t drink bottled water, you filter your tap water instead. But what do you do with the filter? Unfortunately, until now there have been few options but to throw it in the trash.

  • Ellison Bay Goes LED for Christmas

    The Ellison Bay Service Club has provided energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights for the Ellison Bay town Christmas tree as part of their mission to protect the environment.

  • Sustainable Agriculture in Door County

    Long ago, in 1985, a group of farm folks asked the Door County Environmental Council Board if the organization would like to become involved in the sustainable agriculture movement that was beginning to become active in Wisconsin.