• Enter Photos in State Parks Calendar Contest

    There’s still time for those who love the properties of the Wisconsin State Park System to enter a photo contest for inclusion in the 2020 Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP) calendar. The deadline for all submissions is Sept. 3, 2019. In addition to being available for purchase, the calendar will be distributed to more […]

  • Door to Nature: Mushroom Hunting Season Begins

    Many people ask me whether I’m finding a lot of mushrooms, and usually I say that late summer and autumn are the best times to look for them, especially after a rainy spell. In July, 8.25 inches of rain fell in north-central parts of the county, and some nice chanterelles were harvested. Now parts of […]

  • Door Bluff Headlands County Park Expands

    The Door County Facilities and Parks Department is pleased to announce the addition of 72.68 acres of undeveloped land to Door Bluff Headlands County Park. The newly added parcels expand Door County mainland’s most northerly park and represents a major promontory of the Niagara Escarpment, holding several habitats of ecological interest that contains hardwood forest […]

  • Lake Michigan’s ‘Plankton Desert’ No Problem for Bighead Carp

    Study finds the invasive fish could thrive on mussel detritus A new study by University of Michigan researchers has found that the flexible eating habits of Asian carp – particularly bighead and silver carp – would allow the voracious invasive species to easily establish itself in Lake Michigan. Previous studies had suggested that Lake Michigan […]

  • Door to Nature: Gentle, Voiceless Creatures

    Few animals are as gentle, harmless, common and beautiful as butterflies. I am finally seeing some of the wood satyrs and northern pearly eyes that live in my woods because they were about two weeks late in emerging. It is so important to cultivate in youngsters an admiration and respect for butterflies and other small […]

  • Climate Corner: Climate Change Is a GOP Issue, Too

    by Tia Nelson It’s striking to see how much the Republican Party has changed its tune on the environment. Both Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush showed leadership on the issue as presidents, and more recently, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) called on the nation to address climate change. Today, conservatives have largely abandoned […]

  • Garlic Mustard Management at Bjorklunden

    Lawrence University has received a $500 sustainability grant from the Door County Community Foundation to assist with managing the invasive garlic mustard plant on the Björklunden campus – a 441-acre estate on the Lake Michigan shore south of Baileys Harbor that serves as a satellite campus for the Appleton liberal arts college. The grant is courtesy […]

  • Door to Nature: Is it Really Queen Anne’s Lace?

    The county roadsides are now abloom with the tall, white, umbrella-like flowers of Queen Anne’s lace. This plant – in the parsley family – has been around for many years and is considered a weed. It was about 32 years ago when my late husband, Roy, and I discovered huge fields of a very similar flower blooming […]

  • Now’s the Time to Look for the Raspberry Cane Borer

    by Annie Deutsch, Door County Extension Agriculture Educator Phenology is the study of the cyclical or seasonal nature of animals and plants. This seasonality allows us to predict quite well when an insect will be doing what, and thus, when we might find damage.  Some damage that’s apparent right now is from the raspberry cane […]

  • Wild Ones’ Pop-Up Hike

    See native-plant pollinator gardens at their beautiful summer peak in both residential and field settings during the Door Peninsula Wild Ones’ August pop-up hike Aug. 11, 1:30 pm. Learn how the gardens were created and which plants work well, and see how well they fit in with the neighborhood. This easy hike will begin at […]

  • Climate Change on Minds of Michiganders

    The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication partnered with Nexus Polling and George Mason University on a new survey that finds Michigan voters have deep concerns about the impact of climate change in their state and strongly support policies that would expand renewable energy, drive down pollution and support the growing electric-vehicle (EV) industry.  A […]

  • New Look for Hummingbird Website

    The Western Hummingbird Partnership has a new website that’s much more user-friendly and updated with current information to further its efforts to develop a network of partners dedicated to hummingbird conservation and reversing their declining numbers. The website lists partners, shares the latest about hummingbird research and citizen-science projects, and offers the Hummingbird Guide for […]

  • Open Door Bird Sanctuary’s Ribbon Cutting is Aug. 10

    For the last three and a half years, Open Door Bird Sanctuary (ODBS) has been fundraising to purchase the land it resides on. Courtesy of generous donations and revenue generated from its Hoot-e-Nanny annual fundraiser, the sanctuary made the final payment in June to hold the land free and clear.  To celebrate, Open Door will […]

  • Mellow Yellow

    by Dale Goodner of Wild Ones, Door Peninsula As I look across my lawn here in July, dandelions are pretty much invisible. That distinctive green foliage blends in perfectly with the grasses, clovers and dozens of other mostly broadleaf species. Dandelions are abundant, but in midsummer, nobody cares.  Back in May, their yellow flowers were […]

  • Door to Nature: Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks

    I truly enjoy bird songs during the breeding season, and among the bird varieties that have sung in my woods for the past 42 years, one of my favorites is the rose-breasted grosbeak. They nest in this primarily upland hardwood area every year and are regulars at the feeders. Now the first youngsters are out […]

  • New Asian Carp Strategies Unveiled

    Acoustic deterrent among ideas to keep them out of Lake Michigan Bob Wakeman was among the representatives from the eight Great Lakes states and two Canadian provinces who met in Chicago July 16-17 to hear updates from the Army Corps of Engineers about preventing Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes. “It was a very […]

  • Pebble Beach Sold …Into Preservation

    The waters of Lake Michigan were lapping gently on the stones of Pebble Beach as Jack Hayes corralled his family for a photo July 15. The beach has been a staple of the Lisle, Illinois, family’s Door County vacations for 20 years, but on this day, the Hayes family wondered how much longer that would […]

  • With Greenhouse, Sturgeon Bay Students Dig Into Food Cycle

    A couple of generations ago, it wasn’t hard to teach Door County students where their food came from. After all, many of them worked on their family’s farm before they arrived at school each day. But as the number of farms on the peninsula has dwindled, so has that connection to the land. Two years […]

  • Climate Change Advocacy: The Challenge and Importance of Nonpartisanship

    by Betsy Rogers In today’s deeply divided political atmosphere, it is difficult – and yet ever more essential – for organizations focused on climate action to remain nonpartisan.   As individuals, we will not be – and need not be – nonpartisan. But climate-change organizations must be sure that our messages resonate across the political spectrum if we are to […]

  • 1.8 Million against Wolf Killing

    Almost two million Americans stated their opposition to the Trump administration’s proposal to strip endangered-species protections from gray wolves during a comment period that closed July 15. This is one of the largest numbers of comments ever submitted on a federal decision involving endangered species and reflects broad dissatisfaction with the administration’s politically driven move […]