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  • Door County Goes Green Tier

    Door County is poised to become much greener during the coming years. During its July 28 meeting, the Door County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve its Sustainability Committee’s proposal for the county to become a Green Tier community. Green Tier is a voluntary program of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that recognizes […]

  • Federal Government Passes Great American Outdoors Act

    On Aug. 4, President Donald Trump signed into law the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), calling it the most comprehensive environmental measure a president has taken since the initiatives championed by President Theodore Roosevelt. The measure had broad bipartisan support. U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-De Pere) called the act the “most significant conservation package in […]

  • Land Trust Protects 40 Acres with Easement Agreement

    The Door County Land Trust has announced the protection of 40 acres in Baileys Harbor owned by Tom and Cynthia Wolfe through a perpetual conservation easement agreement. It will protect the property from future development and add to protected lands within an important nearby Northern Door wildlife corridor. The Wolfes purchased the property in 1981 […]

  • Green Tip: Use a Clothesline

    The average U.S. household that chooses to abandon its utility-powered clothes dryer can save more than $200 per year on electric, natural gas or propane bills. There are more than 90 million of these electric clothes dryers in the country, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Air-drying clothes can reduce the average household’s […]

  • Green Tip: Reduce, Reuse, Then Recycle

    Recycling involves collecting used materials, processing them mechanically and chemically, and remanufacturing them into new products – all processes that consume energy, water and other resources, and that cause pollution.  In contrast, reducing and reusing prevents pollution by reducing the need to harvest new raw materials, saves energy, reduces greenhouse-gas emissions, saves money and reduces […]

  • A Climate Action Plan for Wisconsin

    by Mary Smythe and Roy Thilly A climate-change task force appointed by Gov. Evers is drafting a climate action plan for Wisconsin – an action that’s overdue. Since 2010, our state has been largely silent about the need to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions while our neighbors have taken a variety of actions. With the president denying climate […]

  • Clean Boats, Clean Waters Initiative Helps to Halt Invasive Species

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) created the Clean Boats, Clean Waters (CBCW) program in 2004 in an attempt to help lower the impact of aquatic invasive species. Program inspectors perform boat and trailer checks, disseminate informational brochures and educate boaters about how to prevent the spread of invasive species.  Door County joined CBCW […]

  • Photosynthesis: Solar Panels at Waseda Farms

    In 2017, Waseda Farms on Logerquist Road in Jacksonport installed 190 feet of solar panels. The system covers an estimated 50 percent of Waseda’s energy use, the majority of which goes into the commercial freezers and coolers that store meat for Waseda’s market. Additional benefits of the system include an expected decrease in coal consumption […]

  • Green Tip: Just Wash Your Dishes

    Paper and plastic plates and utensils, disposable diapers, paper towels and napkins, cheap plasticware and other nondurable consumer goods make up about 20 percent of America’s waste, which came to 50 million tons in 2015, according to the EPA. Instead, keep durable dishes and silverware on hand and wash them after use, and switch to […]

  • Green Tip: Find Someone to Take Your Old Threads

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American throws away about 80 pounds of clothing every year. Additionally, the BBC says the global fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, accounting for about 10 percent of global carbon emissions and nearly 20 percent of wastewater.  To help combat this, […]

  • PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Brush Your Boots

    Peninsula State Park and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources encourage all hikers and park-goers to use boot-brushing stations because invasive exotic plant species often stick to boots and travel to new places in that way.  Hikers should use a boot-brushing station before entering a trail because they may be introducing seeds such as crabgrass […]

  • New Sustainability Committee Moves toward Adopting Green Tier Resolution

    One of the first orders of business for the newly created Door County Sustainability Committee has been to recommend a resolution for consideration for the county to become a Green Tier community.  Green Tier is a voluntary program of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that recognizes and rewards environmental performance that exceeds the […]

  • Baileys Harbor Town Chair Resigns, Green Site Closes

    Baileys Harbor Town Chair Doug Smith resigned July 12 after serving 14 months of his two-year term. In a letter to the board, Smith cited “private matters” as the reason for his resignation.  Vice Chair Barbara Anschutz will run the next regularly scheduled board meeting, where the board will set a date for a special […]

  • GREEN TIP: Why use a light bulb when you have the sun?

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting – most of which comes from inefficient incandescent bulbs – uses about 25 percent of all electricity in the United States. Experts estimate that 47 percent of the energy used in a home is for lighting and temperature control.  Not only does switching to natural light decrease energy […]

  • Leadership Changes, New Experiences at Crossroads

    For Laurel Hauser, the new interim executive director of Crossroads at Big Creek, taking the lead at the preserve on the edge of Sturgeon Bay was a natural fit in more ways than one.  “Our family has loved Crossroads and been users of Crossroads forever,” said Hauser, a former Sturgeon Bay Common Council member and […]

  • PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Emerald Ash Borer Trails

    The Emerald ash borer is an invasive, wood-boring beetle that kills ash trees by eating the tissues under the bark. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, they are native to northeastern Asia and likely hitchhiked to the U.S. from China on wood from shipping crates.  The invasive bugs kill ash trees, causing them […]

  • Zero Sum Walking Lightly on the Earth

    Imagine starting a business. Difficult, right? Now imagine starting a business in which the amount and type of resources used are such that their impact on the planet is nonexistent. How can such a business be successful? That’s what Stroyan Dimitrov has set out to discover. The owner of a juice bar and breakfast cafe […]

  • Green Photo of the Week: Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability

    This photo of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in the shallow atmospheric layer over Lake Michigan was taken June 21, 10:08 am, from a shore residence north of Jacksonport. According to the National Weather Service, they are vertical waves in the air associated with wind shear across statically stable regions. They can appear as breaking waves and as […]

  • Why Are Water Levels So High?

    In recent years, rising lake levels have plagued many of Door County’s lakeside businesses and residences in the form of truncated beaches, eroded shorelines and submerged docks and piers. While many people are scrambling to combat flooding and damage to infrastructure, climate scientists are working to find out what has been causing the latest rise […]

  • Green Photo of the Week: Sedimentation in Kewaunee

    This dramatic visual shows what happens when stormwater carries sediment into watersheds from farm fields and other sources – in this case, when sediment entered Kewaunee Harbor and Lake Michigan last summer.  Heavier rainfalls have increased the likelihood of sedimentation events such as this one, which can also carry nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen into […]