• Climate Change Coalition Hosts Seventh Annual Forum

    The Climate Change Coalition of Door County will host its seventh annual Climate Change Forum on May 9 at Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay. Learn more at

  • Door to Nature: Christmas Bird Count Report

    The Sturgeon Bay Christmas Bird Count was conducted Dec. 14 with 11 field parties consisting of 23 observers. Each group was assigned a particular section of a 15-mile-diameter circle, the center of which was the junction of Highway 57 and County P at Institute. The day began with a low of 28 degrees, overcast skies […]

  • Temme To Discuss High-Performance Homes

    Award-winning Sturgeon Bay architect Virge Temme will discuss high-performance homes as tools to combat climate change Jan. 15, 7 pm, at Bjorklunden, 7590 Boynton Lane in Baileys Harbor. Her talk, presented by the Climate Change Coalition of Door County, is free, but free-will donations to support the coalition’s work are appreciated. Temme will present a […]

  • Beginner Beekeeping Class

    Local beekeeper Max Martin is hosting a beginner’s beekeeping class at the UW Peninsular Agricultural Research Station this weekend. Details can be found below: What:  Introduction to keeping honey bees as a hobby When:  Saturday, January 11, 8am to Noon Where: UW Peninsular Agricultural Research Station 4312 Hwy 42 Sturgeon Bay, WI Cost: $35.00 (pay at […]

  • Land Trust Adds Properties on Washington, Chambers Islands

    The Door County Land Trust has added two islands and three forests to its list of protected lands.  The Richter family of Washington Island has donated the Susie Islands, which the Door County Land Trust will permanently protect and preserve as wildlife habitat. The Big and Little Susie Islands – located off the northwestern shore of […]

  • Door to Nature: Blue Jays

    The Alarm Sirens of the Forest I was reading in my quiet study at sunset when I heard the call of a great horned owl. I stepped onto the front porch in the dimming twilight and waited for it to call again. The voice came from the southern section of my 20 acres of woods. […]

  • Research Station Aims to Pull in Pollinators

    Researchers at the Peninsular Agricultural Research Station (PARS) are hoping to attract hordes of bees, wasps and flies next summer. Workers at the station have planted two native pollinator plots on the grounds north of Sturgeon Bay.  The idea behind it is similar to that of prairie restoration with the “natural side benefit of good […]

  • Land Trust Launches Drive and Bird Sanctuary Receives Grants

    Land Trust Launches December Membership Drive Donors can double their impact on the Door County Land Trust in December thanks to a generous gift from member Helen Ambuel.  Contributions from all new Land Trust members in December will be matched by Ambuel. To increase land protection across the peninsula the organization aims to gain 150 […]

  • Door to Nature: Brooming, not Blooming, Trees

    This is the season when writing about nature becomes a bit difficult because no flowers are blossoming, no insects are flitting about and the colorful nesting birds have fled south. Some animal species have gone into hibernation or a modified winter residence underground. It’s the quiet season. The bleak winter landscape of leafless shrubs and […]

  • Self-Certification Tool Now Available for Great Lakes Shoreland Homeowners

    Tool allows quicker erosion fixes Communities located along the shores of the Great Lakes have grown increasingly concerned about the water levels, at near-record highs, escalating erosion that threatens lakeshore properties. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) now has a self-certification tool available to homeowners to help protect their property without delay. “We have heard from […]

  • Door to Nature: Upcoming Christmas Bird Counts

    Each year, groups of birders organize to conduct 24-hour-long Christmas bird counts. The standard nationwide dates run Dec. 14 – Jan. 5, and they must be run within a designated 15-mile-diameter circle. Adrian Freitag had been doing the Sturgeon Bay count for many years but could no longer get out to conduct the one-day survey. After […]

  • Climate Change Coalition Joins Larger Initiatives

    The Climate Change Coalition of Door County has joined two broad-based organizations that are working to address climate change.  WeAreStillIn ( is a joint declaration of commitment to climate action signed by more than 3,800 CEOs, mayors, governors, college presidents and many others. Together they represent 155 million people in all 50 states. They are […]

  • Climate Change Corner: Can We Reverse Climate Change?

    by Roy Thilly When we talk about fighting climate change, the focus has been on greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions from burning coal, gas and oil to produce electricity, power transportation, heat buildings and run industrial processes. It’s essential that we cut these heat-trapping emissions dramatically through conservation and the use of renewables such as wind, solar […]

  • Taking Action: How Much Electricity Are We Wasting?

    Kathy Kuntz, Chelsea Chandler and Roy Thilly A version of this column first appeared as a blog post on the website of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. Most of us presume other people are wasting electricity and gas or propane in their homes. We think our usage is average or less than […]

  • Door to Nature: Doves and Pigeons

    As I write this, there’s a two-inch snow cover on the ground, and more mourning doves are coming into my front yard in search of food. They are gleaners of fallen seeds and bits of suet that drop from the feeders, but they also enjoy getting sunflower seeds that I scatter on the large platform […]

  • Door to Nature: American Coots, Clowns of the Bird World

    It’s time to organize our Sturgeon Bay and Southern Door Christmas bird counts and look at the forecast for winter finch migration into Wisconsin. The news from Canada is that cone production on the spruce and pine trees has been very good, and many birch trees have a great quantity of seeds.  That means we […]

  • Cellcom’s Recycling Program Provides Green Gifts

    Four Door County organizations will receive funds generated by Cellcom’s Green Gifts program: Crossroads at Big Creek, Gibraltar Area Schools, The Ridges Sanctuary and the Climate Change Coalition of Door County. Cellcom’s Green Gifts program gives money to green nonprofit initiatives that it has generated through Cellcom’s cell-phone recycling program. Community members turn in their […]

  • Going Green in Egg Harbor

    Village pushes sustainable practices for tourism and the future Kermit the Frog sang, “It’s not easy being green.” Though that may have been the case for him, it’s not the case for Egg Harbor: In August 2017, the village became Door County’s first Green Tier Legacy Community. Ephraim has followed suit.  It started with small […]

  • Door to Nature: Late-Fall Landscapes

    Now that we are halfway through November, most of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves. That’s why, when driving down any county road with forest edges, you can quickly pick out the northern red oaks: Many of them hang on to most of their leaves, which have now turned a dark red-brown color. American […]

  • Ridges Receives Sustainability Grant, Student Wildlife-Poster Contest

    The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor has received a $1,000 sustainability grant from the Door County Community Foundation for its Washington Island Environmental Education Pilot Program, which seeks to connect concepts learned in the classroom with place-based environmental education. “As residents of Door County, students and their communities are surrounded by unique habitats like The […]