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  • Charlie’s Smokehouse – A Gills Rock Tradition

    Modernism brought us New and Improved, Bigger and Better. But family and history and tradition are best left unchanged. Charlie’s Smokehouse has been in business for more than 70 years, smoking fish the same way Roy Voight did in 1932.

  • Supersizing in Sturgeon Bay

    Wal-Mart is prepping plans for a new Supercenter to replace its existing store in Sturgeon Bay.
    The retail giant appeared before the city Plan Commission in a concept meeting June 17 to discuss general plan parameters and get feedback from the commission.

  • Money Down the Drain

    It was supposed to be a simple measure to save lives, but a poorly implemented new federal law has pool operators dismayed.
    Seven-year-old Virginia Graeme Baker drowned in June of 2002, held under water in a backyard hot tub by the powerful suction of a pool drain.

  • St. Clair Study Hearing July 7

    The International Upper Great Lakes Study has reversed course and added a public hearing about the St.

  • An Interview With Michael Perry

    In April I spoke with Michael Perry, author of Population 485, and most recently, Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs and Parenting, in anticipation of his April 17 appearance in <a href="http://www.

  • Study Blames Climate for Low Lake Levels

    It doesn’t take a scientific study to see that Lake Michigan water levels are finally on the rise, a simple drive through Ephraim will do.
    Water is at least approaching most docks now, and waves are lapping through the tall reeds and grasses that have taken root near the shore.

  • Playing With Numbers: Putting the annual tourism expenditure report in proper context

    When the Door County Visitor Bureau (DCVB) announced the annual report on tourism expenditures last month, the numbers shocked many around the county.

  • Jacksonport Hears Schauer Park Recommendations

    Jacksonport officials learned that construction of a safe harbor and boat launch at Schauer Park would likely require property acquisition at a meeting June 3.

  • Ever Wonder… Who started planting the marigolds in Fish Creek?

    For four decades they’ve lined the streets of Fish Creek, providing a subtle but colorful buffer between the bumper-to-bumper traffic and the shaded sidewalks of the village.

  • Marina Still Breathing

    The Egg Harbor Village Board said it hopes to bring another marina referendum to a vote before the end of July, but after its June 8 meeting it remained unclear what plan it would be offering its citizens.

  • The Viking Voice Senior Issue

    Last fall a group of Gibraltar High School students decided they wanted to start a student newspaper, and here within the pages of the Pulse, eight months later, is a portion of The Viking Voice’s latest issue, which honors the seniors of Gibraltar High School.

  • Van Pool Broadens Transportation Options

    Bringing public transportation to rural communities is no simple task, but by getting creative and using local resources, the Door County Transportation Consortium and its partners are gaining traction.

  • Tourism Zone Releases 2008 Annual Report

    The Door County Tourism Zone Commission, responsible for overseeing the collection and spending of room tax dollars, released its annual report May 26.

  • Sevastopol Announces Co-Valedictorians

    Erin Kiehnau and Clare MacMillen have been named the 2009 co-valedictorians for Sevastopol High School. MacMillen will attend Macalester College in St.

  • 100 Years of Memories at Peninsula State Park

    “One by one,” said Governor Davidson in a 1909 address to the Wisconsin Legislature, “all the places of scenic beauty, and historical interest, are passing away.

  • New Yacht Hosts Sightseeing Cruises

    Calling all landlubbers…the gangway’s been put out for the new Harbor Lady Yacht and she’s ready for passengers.
    Captain David Graves introduced the public to the 90-foot, dual deck yacht Memorial Day Weekend by offering $10 sightseeing cruises around Sturgeon Bay.

  • High School Graduation Times

    Gibraltar High School
    Sunday, June 7
    2 pm
    Sevastopol High School
    Sunday, June 7
    2 pm<br

  • Door County Fire Departments Call for Help

    Door County fire departments are struggling for manpower and putting out their own call for help from the community. Volunteerism is down and the fire departments, especially in northern Door County, need more volunteers in order to keep fire and emergency medical service at its current level.

  • A Life in Music

    There lies in every person at least a touch of the unexpected. Not of the exceedingly remarkable or hidden secret variety, but the sort of small thing that broadens your view of someone a bit when you hear it.

  • Summit Aimed to Educate

    Envision if you will, biking during the peak of the summer season from Sister Bay to Brussels on local roads.
    Would you feel comfortable pedaling on the shoulder of Highway 42 or 57? How would you navigate through Ephraim or Fish Creek or Sturgeon Bay? Would you choose county roads to avoid traffic and stay safe? Or would you stay within the confines of a state park to take in the fresh air and scenery?
    Bike enthusiasts know the pleasures and perils of cycling in Door County.