• A Place of Our Own: The Challenge of ‘Home’ in Door County

    A Place of Our Own: The Challenge of “Home” in Door County is an interview project that puts front and center the stories of year-round residents living with the consequences of the lack of quality, affordable housing in Door County. It’s sponsored by the Interfaith Prosperity Coalition, an organization representing the community and various Northern […]

  • Sustainability 2019: The Housing Issue

    From age 19 to 31, I was a year-round resident of northern Door County. I lived in 13 homes and apartments in seven municipalities from Egg Harbor to Liberty Grove. Some I owned; some I rented; in all of them I had roommates. I worked full time that entire time, and more than 60 hours […]

  • Sustainability 2019: Bedrock Flats, A Recycled Housing Development

    Anyone driving on County E regularly has probably wondered about the street sign that reads “Bedrock Flats.” Does Fred Flintsone live there? No, said original developer Kathy Navis, it has nothing to do with the fictional prehistoric city where the animated series The Flintstones took place and everything to do with the bedrock just below […]

  • Commentary: Attainable Housing Makes A Sustainable County

    by Jim Schuessler, Door County Economic Development Corporation Writer and humorist Mark Twain popularized the phrase that he attributed to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” If the British PM were alive today, perhaps he could somehow spin two things into a positive: the mess […]

  • Sustainability 2019: What Is ‘Affordable’ Housing in Door County?

    Decades ago, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development defined housing as “affordable” if it didn’t cost the household more than 30 percent of its gross income.   On a community level, “affordable” housing is defined as that which households of median income or below can rent or purchase for no more than 28 […]

  • By the Numbers: The Housing Gap

    580 Additional rental apartments needed in Door County by 2023 70 Number of new homes priced below $180,000 needed in central and northern Door County by 2023 200 Senior rental units needed in Door County by 2023 560 Additional seasonal housing beds needed in Door County by 2023 9,990 Number of Door County housing units […]

  • The Airbnb Effect: Vacation Rentals and Housing Stock

    It’s a common refrain: If rich people weren’t scooping up every available affordable home and converting it to an Airbnb to make even more money, affordable housing in Door County wouldn’t be an issue. But the boom in tourism that has closely followed the growth of vacation-rental platforms has funneled millions into the region. The […]

  • Sustainability 2019: Time is Ripe for Housing Trust

    by Mariah Goode The recently rejuvenated Door County Housing Partnership aims to increase the permanent supply of affordable housing in Door County, specifically for year-round residents who work in the county.   The Housing Partnership is modeled after what is often called a “community land trust,” but to prevent confusion with the Door County Land […]

  • Sustainability 2019: Affordability Goes Beyond the Walls of a Home

    The United States, Canada and most of Europe are in the throes of the most severe housing shortage in more than 60 years. The last time there was this level of shortage was after WWII, when these countries, still reeling from the Great Depression, were suddenly faced with accommodating returning veterans, along with hundreds of […]

  • Sustainability 2019: New Life for Old Containers?

    When Leathem D. Smith of Sturgeon Bay invented the Safeway shipping container in 1945, he revolutionized the shipping industry. Seventy-four years later, could that same idea revolutionize housing in Door County? In Europe, shipping containers have been a popular way to fill housing gaps for more than a decade, particularly in temporary situations. In London, […]

  • Sister Bay Hometown Pharmacy Preparing for May Opening

    As one door closes, another opens. There was a great hue and cry when Shopko announced it was closing its pharmacy in Sister Bay, followed by the announcement that all Shopkos would disappear from the face of the Earth. People in Northern Door were reeling from the idea of traveling to Sturgeon Bay to fill […]

  • Fire Chiefs Talk Options for Municipal EMS Service

    Three Door County fire chiefs attended the Baileys Harbor Town Board meeting April 8, the first of 19 such meetings they plan to attend to address options given the county’s recent discussions of privatizing EMS services. Liberty Grove-Sister Bay Fire Chief Chris Hecht said it’s a positive opportunity to discuss the service, it’s pros and […]

  • Legislative Days 2019: Past Success Leaves Delegation with Smaller Requests

    Past Success Leaves Delegation with Smaller Requests Nearly 100 delegates from Door and Kewaunee counties traveled to Madison last week to talk to lawmakers about the most pressing issues facing northeast Wisconsin. The event is held every two years around state-budget season. In the past, the delegates attending the Door/Kewaunee Legislative Days had some big […]

  • Report Calls for Action to Combat Climate Change in Great Lakes

    “Climate change is causing significant and far-reaching impacts on the Great Lakes and the Great Lakes region.” So begins the executive summary of a new report from the Environmental Law & Policy Center called “An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes.” It’s the work of 18 leading American and Canadian […]

  • To the Rescue! Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus Welcomes 25 Dogs

    The late-winter rescue of a group of dogs from a South Korean dog-meat farm has suddenly boosted the dog population at the Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus to the highest it has ever been. Neither the Door County shelter nor any of the four other Wisconsin Humane Society shelters took in any of the […]

  • Admin Committee Approves 3 School Resource Officers

    At its monthly meeting on April 9, the Door County Administrative Committee gave enthusiastic approval to a proposal from Door County Sheriff Tammy Sternard for the addition of three School Resource Officers (SROs) to serve full time at Gibraltar, Sevastopol and Southern Door schools. The committee first heard from Tim Mulrain, assistant principal and dean […]

  • Bills to Watch: Conservation Congress, Biennial Budgets

    LRB-2655 Allowing municipalities and counties to adopt a biennial budget This bill would allow municipalities and counties to adopt a budget that covers two subsequent fiscal years. The Wisconsin state budget operates on a biennial cycle, but under state law, counties and municipalities must create and adopt a new budget every year. According to the […]

  • Fish Creek’s Big Idea: Town Considers Buying 195-acre, $2.1 Million Bluff Property

    Could Fish Creek become a destination for off-road cyclists? Town Chair Dick Skare thinks so, and the Gibraltar Board of Supervisors took a big step toward an ambitious plan to make it happen by securing an option to buy 195 acres of land below and above the bluff south of the town center for $2.1 […]

  • Glacier Ledge Opens New Wine and Beer Bar

    Following a winter renovation, the Glacier Ledge Restaurant in Egg Harbor has opened the doors to its newly completed addition: a wine and beer bar. It features a special menu of Chef Lawrence Hutchinson’s specialty offerings, a low-alcohol specialty-cocktail menu, a variety of tap beers, wines by the glass or bottle, comfortable seating at the […]

  • Sturgeon Bay Council Overrides Mayor’s Veto

    During Mayor Thad Birmingham’s final meeting, the Sturgeon Bay Common Council voted to override one final veto. Birmingham had vetoed the development agreement agreed to by the council March 19, saying that the agreement reached between the city and the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society left the city vulnerable to taking on additional costs or being […]