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  • Door County Schools Funding for Failure

    “We’re locked into the past in our school district funding,” Seyfer lamented. “The concept of land value determining a person’s worth is Jacksonian in nature.

  • Sister Bay Waterfront Planning Update

    From the notes of Myles Dannhausen Jr., a member of the Sister Bay Waterfront Citizens Advisory Committee and a Pulse staff member. A four-phase plan for the development of a new waterfront park in Sister Bay was presented to the public Nov.

  • The Norzwich

    Culinary establishments have long relied on catchy sandwich names to attract customers: for better or (more likely) worse, there’s hardly a kid in America who couldn’t rattle off the definitive characteristics of a Whopper or an Egg McMuffin.

  • Sister Bay Re-discovering an Identity

    The best ideas are often found by looking to the past. In Sister Bay, planners, business owners, and residents have been struggling for several years to discover an architectural style that defines and fits the village in hopes of spurring a rebirth in the community.

  • Concussion Treatment: Clearing the Fog

    It’s frightening to consider, but diagnosing and treating one of high school sports most potentially debilitating injuries – a concussion – is often little more than a guessing game.

  • Door County Beaches, Are We Ignoring the Signs?

    I want to believe them, want to remain ignorant, want to believe the water will come back. I want to, because the reality I’ll encounter if I think otherwise is frightening.

  • Liberty Grove Explores Gills Rock as Harbor of Refuge

    The Gills Rock Harbor of Refuge Steering Committee is working on plans to create a marina with a historic twist on the tip of the Door Peninsula; one supporters feel could become the crown jewel of county marinas.

  • Waterfront Planning Moves Forward: Sister Bay narrows down plans for park

    The following are the notes of Sister Bay Waterfront Citizens Advisory Committee Member Myles Dannhausen Jr. • The Sister Bay Citizens Advisory Committee met Sep.

  • Losing Control?

    “If we want sunshine, we’ll move to Arizona. If they want water, let them move to Michigan.” – George Kuper, President of the Council of Great Lakes Industries, in the USA Today, December 2006 For decades great hordes of people have fled the chill of the upper Midwest for the sunshine of the southwest, content to watch their home teams via satellite and stay connected with their roots by telephone and email.

  • Lithuania: An Old Land, a Young Nation

    Part 2 of 2 Lithuania has been immersed in the great experiment that is democracy for just 16 years, or roughly since Brett Favre was busy washing out as a backup quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

  • Rudderless No More: Visitor Bureau Names Jack Moneypenny New Director

    The Door County Visitor Bureau has chosen a new leader. Jack Moneypenny, formerly Vice President of Sales for VISIT Milwaukee, the city’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, will take over for interim director Jerry Zaug Oct.

  • For Todd Strojny and his family, a trip to the dentist was anything but routine

    What began as a simple trip to the dentist became a life-threatening barrage of medical problems for Todd Strojny and his family. The 32-year-old Strojny visited the dentist in July of 2006 to have a cracked tooth removed, but his oral surgeon soon gave him some unexpected, frightening news – he had found a tumor in his mouth and was scheduling him for a CAT scan.

  • Door County’s Fall 50 Run Seeks a Foothold

    Door County is growing as an outdoor athlete’s destination, gaining national attention as a top kayaking, biking, and running locale. Now the second installment of the Fall 50 hopes to expand the peninsula’s standing as a hotspot for endurance athletes.

  • A Foreign Perspective on Door County

    Part 1 of 2. In my previous life as a restaurant and bar owner, a man from Hungary named Chungor arrived early in the mornings to clean for me. I would stumble in tired, and all-too-often hung-over, at about 8:30 each morning as he was mopping up spilled beer, chew spit, and the occasional puddle of vomit off the floor.

  • Waterfront Designs Up for Review

    The Sister Bay Citizen’s Waterfront District Advisory Committee will meet Sept. 27 at the fire station at 220 Mill Rd. Specific times and agenda have yet to be announced, but the meeting is expected to run from early afternoon into the evening.

  • Water Wars

    Peter Annin, former Newsweek correspondent and author of The Great Lakes Water Wars, warns us that Lake Michigan might look less like sea and more like desert someday if we do not protect it.

  • Developer Runs into Roadblocks in Affordable Housing Attempt

    Take part in any conversation or meeting about Door County’s future and you’ll hear a lot of lip service given to the need for affordable housing. Unfortunately, most of the time, that’s all you get.

  • Group Asks if Comprehensive Plan Is Comprehensive Enough?

    A group calling themselves Preserving Our Aquifer Responsibly (POAR) is uncomfortable with the Comprehensive Utilities Plan the Village of Sister Bay will present at a public hearing Sept.

  • Door County’s Sister Bay Readies Utilities Plan for Public Consumption

    Sister Bay’s Comprehensive Utilities Plan Action Committee (CUPAC) will present a year and a half’s worth of work for public scrutiny at a public hearing Sept.

  • Sandwiched

    In the midst of great change, it’s imperative to maintain perspective, lest you risk over-reacting or making mistakes. But where one finds that perspective is often surprising.