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Door County news from the pages of the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living, the peninsula’s trusted, local sources for information about Door County, Wisconsin.

  • “Pulse” Participates in 1st Northern Door Wisdom Wednesday

    On Dec. 1 from 10:30 – 11:30 am, the Northern Door County YMCA in Fish Creek will host their 1st monthly Wisdom Wednesday meeting. Entitled “No Cost and Low Cost Publicity: How Your Non-Profit, Service Organization, Church, or School Can Get FREE Publicity,” the presentation will feature representatives from both print and radio.

  • 14th Annual Jacksonport Thanksgiving Day Parade

    For many families in America, Thanksgiving begins by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television, drinking coffee as the kitchen fills with the scent of gravy, stuffing, and turkey.

  • Green Quote

    “The idea that carbon dioxide is a carcinogen that is harmful to our environment is almost comical. Every time we exhale, we exhale carbon dioxide. Every cow in the world, you know, when they do what they do, you’ve got more carbon dioxide.”

  • Door County Master Gardener Program Accepting Applications for Winter Training

    Novice or experienced gardeners have an opportunity to join The Door County Master Gardeners Association (DCMGA). The DCMGA Training Team is looking to fill 8 – 10 seats for their winter training program.

  • Door County’s Green Drinks Hosts Bill Wilson

    “Your Garden as Your Grocery Store” will be the topic of conversation at the November Green Drinks event at Glas, the green coffeehouse, in Sturgeon Bay.

  • Watch This: “Food Matters”

    Need another incentive to eat local, raw and organic? Check out Food Matters, a documentary about the neglected science of treating health through nutrition.

  • A Simpler Life in Northern Door

    “People ask us, ‘Do you miss Alaska?’” Patrick Knapp said. “But the first time I saw Mellen running with the goats and dogs, I knew we had made the right decision.”

  • Green Fact

    Each of China’s 1.3 billion people uses one-third the amount of electricity as the average North American today, but that’s changing rapidly. By 2035, the International Energy Agency predicts that Chinese energy demand will rise 75 percent.

  • From Humble Beginnings: Door County Emergency Services

    “You either love it or you don’t and you don’t do it unless you love it.” – Aaron LeClair, Paramedic The Door County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of today is a stark contrast to its beginnings in the 1950s when sheriff’s deputies patrolled in station wagons armed with a first aid kit, oxygen and a […]

  • Winter on Washington Island

    Join me, if you will, on a winter’s day on Washington Island. It happens to be a Tuesday morning in mid-January. It is early, barely daylight, and the town’s plow just made its first pass on Main Road. Snow wasn’t heavy last night, only three or four inches, but the island plows will clear the […]

  • Even a Big Boat’s Small: Palmer Johnson Craftsman Rusty Lardinois

    Down on Shiloh Road, a few miles outside the city of Sturgeon Bay, there sits an old barn. Non-descript and a bit worse for wear, it’s built snug into a slope behind an old farmhouse, and nothing of its exterior hints that inside is the home workshop of one of the finest carpenters Door County […]

  • Gills Rock Explores Harbor of Refuge

    The Gills Rock Harbor of Refuge Steering Committee is working on plans to create a marina with a historic twist on the tip of the Door Peninsula; one supporters feel could become the crown jewel of county marinas.

  • Motivations for the Winter

    The slower pace of the Door County winter can lull some folks into hibernation, but there are plenty of opportunities to get off the couch and out of the house when the weather turns.

  • Health Care Reform Resource Guide

    We dug around dozens of sites and articles to try to find the best explanations of health care reform, and though there’s no simple, one-stop shop, these five sites are your best bets for digestible information.

  • Running the Health Care Numbers

    $939 billion The cost to the federal government, over 10 years, of the health care reform bill 2 Percent of the federal budget represented by spending related to the health care reform bill 3 Percent of overall health care spending in the United States that spending related to the health care reform bill represents $124 billion The amount the health care reform bill is estimated to reduce the federal deficit over 10 years, due to taxes and fees enacted to pay for the bill 32 million Number of uninsured Americans who will become insured under the health care reform bill by 2014 $35 billion The cost of uncompensated care provided to people without health insurance in 2008 772,000 Number of Wisconsinites on BadgerCare Plus $1 billion The cost of BadgerCare Plus, 60 percent of which comes from federal sources 400,000 Number of BadgerCare recipients who work or are the spouse of someone working 9.

  • Reform Realities: For Business

    The Affordable Care Act will have major implications for many of Door County’s small business owners. Though most of the act’s strongest provisions affecting small businesses won’t take effect until 2014, businesses are prepping for the changes now.

  • Reform Realities: For Women

    In October, the Wellness Center of Door County hosted “Health Care 101: What Health Care Reform Means for Women and Their Children.” The presentation, featuring Sara Finger of the Wisconsin Alliance for Women and Rachel Currans-Sheehan of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, focused on the aspects of health care reform that improve access and equality for women in the health care marketplace.

  • Reform Realities: Impacts

    Those vehemently against health care reform, and those passionately in favor, usually share one large swath of common ground – neither knows much about what it actually means for them.

  • Filling the Fridge For Less

    Once a month, Ellison Bay resident Don Heeringa drives to Sturgeon Bay to pick up the groceries, but they aren’t for him. Heeringa picks them up and delivers them to Sister Bay for distribution to the Northern Door families who have ordered them through the Self Help and Resource Exchange, better known as SHARE.

  • Cave Point Door County

    The Politics of 298 Miles of Shoreline

    For years folks have been proudly saying that Door County has more miles of shoreline than any other county in the United States. If you search through articles online you can track the shoreline’s apparent growth.