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  • Reps in the News: Jan. 17-24

    Representative Joel Kitchens Rep. Joel Kitchens is co-author of a bill that would waive the annual state-park vehicle-admission fee for families of public- or private-school students in fourth grade. “This bill will further encourage families to spend time together outdoors and experience our state parks, forests, recreational areas and trails,” he said.  “As Wisconsin residents […]

  • Reps in the News: Jan. 10-17

    Representative Mike Gallagher NPR’s Michel Martin spoke with Rep. Mike Gallagher, a Marine captain who was twice deployed to Iraq, about that country’s vote to expel U.S. troops following U.S. airstrikes in Iran. “Well, [in] my first class on Middle East politics as an undergrad, my professor said the fundamental rule in the Middle East […]

  • Reps in the News: Jan. 3-10

    Congressman Mike Gallagher Congress passed the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) in a bipartisan vote of 385 to 41. The agreement is an update to the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and it now heads to the Senate for consideration.  “In an increasingly global economy, strong trade agreements are vital to Wisconsin […]

  • Reps in the News: Kitchens Offers Water Bill

    Representative Joel Kitchens Rep. Joel Kitchens co-authored a bill to improve hydrologic restoration.  “Over the past several years, our state has experienced numerous heavy rainfall events that have disrupted commerce and caused tens of millions of dollars in damage to both residential homes and public infrastructure,” he said. “In addition, almost 20 percent of Wisconsin’s […]

  • Reps in the News: Dec. 20 – Jan. 3

    Representative Joel Kitchens Rep. Joel Kitchens has co-authored a bill that places limits on the usage of firefighting foams that contain added polyfluoroalkyl substances, more commonly known as PFAS. The man-made chemicals are used in  nonstick cookware, water-repellent clothing, pizza boxes and many other items. “PFAS are considered to be ‘forever chemicals’ because they don’t […]

  • Reps in the News: School Resource Officers, PTSD Coverage Act

    Representative Joel Kitchens Rep. Joel Kitchen praised the work of school resource officers in preventing more tragedy after a series of shootings and threats of violence at Wisconsin schools last week: “While we can consider ourselves fortunate that none of these situations resulted in a loss of life, the truth is things could have turned […]

  • Reps in the News: Dec. 6-13

    Representative Joel Kitchens Rep. Joel Kitchens released the following statement regarding a bill that has been criticized for making it easier to place violent sexual offenders in areas where children may be present: “I can assure you that the purpose of SB-60 was not to put our children in danger by allowing sex offenders to […]

  • Reps in the News: TAD Programs, 2020 Congressional Calendar

    Representative Joel Kitchens Door County will be receiving funds for treatment-court and diversion (TAD) programs through the 2019-21 state budget. TAD programs allow district attorneys and judges to offer offenders options other than confinement in jail or prison, thereby saving taxpayer dollars. These programs include voluntary substance-abuse treatment and case management, plus other types of […]

  • Reps in the News: Disaster Relief, Teddy Award, Vaping

    Representative Joel Kitchens Rep. Joel Kitchens received a plaque from the Washington Island Electric Cooperative for his efforts to secure $2 million in disaster-relief funds for the island community in the 2019-21 state budget. Washington Island lost power in 2018 when ice shoves damaged the only submarine cable that provided electricity to the town, and […]

  • Reps in the News: Birth Control, Workforce Development

    Representative Joel Kitchens “I am extremely grateful that the Wisconsin State Assembly passed my bill this week that would, under specific conditions, allow pharmacists to prescribe certain forms of birth control,” Rep. Kitchens said after the Assembly passed AB 304.  Under current state law, hormonal contraceptive patches and self-administered oral hormonal contraceptives – including common […]

  • Sen. Jacque Listening Session Tuesday

    State Sen. Andre Jacque will hold a listening session Nov. 12 at the Door County Community Foundation. Jacque will field questions from the public from 5:30 – 7 pm. Where: Door County Community Foundation, Rock Island Meeting Room 222 N 3rd AveSturgeon Bay, WI 54235 5:30 – 7:00 pm Tuesday, Nov. 12

  • Reps in the News: Nov. 8-15

    Representative Joel Kitchens “The hemp pilot research program administered by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) requires both hemp growers and processors to obtain one-time licenses and register each year they intend to plant and process hemp,” said a Kitchens newsletter. “In 2017, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a bill that permitted […]

  • Reps in the News: Climate Change Task Force; More

    Governor Tony Evers Gov. Evers announced the members of the Legislature who will be appointed to the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change, which was created through Executive Order #52 and will advise and assist the governor in developing strategies to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change for the benefit of all […]

  • Reps in the News: Oct. 25

    Representative Kitchens Excited about Water Pollution Credit Trading “I am beyond excited that my bipartisan bill that is designed to further protect Wisconsin’s water has moved one step closer to becoming state law,” said Rep. Joel Kitchens in an e-update. “The Assembly Committee on Local Government this week unanimously recommended passage of AB 113, which […]

  • Reps in the News: Kitchens Passes Bill to Benefit ‘Washington Island Observer’

    Representative Joel Kitchens Last week the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bill authored by Rep. Joel Kitchens that will benefit the Washington Island Observer and other newspapers across the state. Kitchens released the following press release after the Assembly passed the bill: “Under current state law, a newspaper is defined – with certain exceptions – […]

  • Reps in the News: Education Bills; More

    Representative Kitchens Testifies on Education Bills Rep. Joel Kitchens released the following statement after testifying before the Assembly and Senate Education Committees on a series of bills related to education: “All three bills were drafted based on the final recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding, which held nine public hearings across Wisconsin […]

  • Reps in the News: Oct. 4

    Representative Mike Gallagher Honors McFarlane Rep. Mike Gallagher honored recently retired Door County Veterans Services Officer Scott McFarlane in the Congressional Record. Gallagher’s office said McFarlane has “provided unparalleled service to not only the veterans community in northeast Wisconsin, but also the Door County community as well.” Gallagher said he wanted to ensure that McFarlane’s […]

  • Reps in the News: New Federal Funding for Wisconsin Dairy; More

    Governor Tony Evers Gov. Evers announced his appointment of Beau Liegeois to the Brown County Circuit Court, which fills a vacancy created by the retirement of Judge William Atkinson. “Beau Liegeois is committed to public service and has a strong legal background, having served as a prosecutor in Brown County and as a JAG officer […]

  • Reps in the News: Kitchens Praises Northern Sky Theater

    Representative Joel Kitchens “It was a tremendous honor to present an Assembly citation to Northern Sky Theater recently to help them celebrate the grand opening of their new Creative Center and Gould Theater,” a recent Kitchens newsletter stated, noting that the organization will also celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. “I am very impressed with […]

  • Reps in the News: Protecting State’s Water; More

    Representative Joel Kitchens Protecting the state’s water from polyfluoroalkyl substances, more commonly known as PFAS, was one of the main discussion topics during two recent public hearings in front of the Assembly’s Environment Committee and the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality. PFAS are a group of human-made chemicals that have been used in a […]