Next Generations

“Who Will Fill Your Shoes” by Colette Marshall.

Recently, the Door County Women’s Fund had a call for art to find an image to grace the cover of their 2014 Women’s Fund of Door County Tribute book. The selected image was an oil painting titled “Who Will Fill Your Shoes” by Colette Marshall of Fish Creek.

When discussing her painting and its title Colette Marshall said, “The answer to this title question is open ended. But for me, the artist, the answer is Katherine and Sarah Marshall. They filled my days and shoes with such joy this past June! Summers in Door County are especially looked forward to as my husband and I prepare and imagine the fun we will have with them.”

Marshall continues, “As providence would have it, the twins came to visit in lovely dresses and were very willing to dress up in both the hats and my high-heeled black sandals. Kate chose the idea of sitting back to back on the bench with her sister Sarah in full sun. Thus, the photo shoot took place on a beautiful day this summer. Memories live on into next generations by all that previous hearts hand down to us.”

The Door County Women’s Fund will sell 30 to 40 prints at their “Celebrate Women Luncheon” on Aug. 13. The prints will be on sale for $75 each with 40 percent of the proceeds going back to the Women’s Fund as a donation.