Next Up: 6th Annual Sustainability Issue

The cover of the 2009 Sustainability Issue

With the release of our next issue, the Peninsula Pulse will present our Sustainability Issue. An idea that started small six years ago in the midst of a slow April season has grown into one of our most-anticipated and talked about issues of the year. With this year’s issue, we will present “3 Big Ideas for Change.”

From taking a look at initiatives underway in the county – such as an examination of producing power at the local level, the establishment of a local food network, and the creation of an official Door County brand label – the Sustainability Issue will continue providing ideas, input and analysis on ways to live within our means to create a better future.

In addition to looking at the broader scope, the Sustainability Issue will also present some staples, such as the local producer’s list provided by UW – Extension. (The deadline for inclusion in the 2012 list compiled by the Peninsular Agricultural Research Station is April 7. For inclusion, contact Dean Volenberg at 920.746.2263 or [email protected].)