Next Week: The Pulse Celebrates Door County League Baseball

Door County League Baseball (DCL) is one of those facets of life so engrained throughout the county that many people look forward to the game all week.

My grandfather, Bob Sawyer, started playing at 14 years old with Egg Harbor. He later managed and served as a league officer. My cousins and I grew up watching our uncles, brothers and cousins play. We used to fight over who got to man the scoreboard before it went digital. We ran after foul balls to get 50 cents from the concession stand. We love the Egg Harbor team, the DCL, and yes, even West Jacksonport.

Pick a town with a DCL team, and you’ll find stories similar to mine. That’s why we’re dedicating a special section in the next issue of the Peninsula Pulse to Door County League baseball, with a look its history, its greatest players, and of course, its fans.

Check it out Friday, July 22 in the Peninsula Pulse!