Nielsen to Curate Art at Bad Moravian, Ephraim Coffee Lab

David Nielsen, a Door County artist who’s been exhibiting in and curating art shows and openings throughout the county for 25 years, is now partnering with Bad Moravian and the Ephraim Coffee Lab to hang art and curate shows at their Ephraim location, 3055 Church St. 

Nielsen’s series of sumi-ink paintings reflect his love for pattern and composition. He chose to work only in black and white and to use shape and line to direct his pieces. As the work developed, he began adding more recognizable elements. Nielsen uses symbolism to tell stories and describe the universe in an artful, poetic manner.

Throughout the summer, he’ll be working with other artists and rotating the artwork on display. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the fine art you see, contact Nielsen Thursday – Tuesday, 10 am – 2 pm, at the Martinez Studio, 5877 Hwy 57 south of Jacksonport (where his art is also on exhibit), or at [email protected] or 920.421.9147.