Nighttime Painting Featured at The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace currently has the nighttime paintings of Wisconsin native Jason Prigge on display. Growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan, Prigge discovered the beauty of the ever-changing Midwest atmosphere. Traveling to the Pacific Northwest after high school enhanced and heightened his sensitivity towards the landscape and the art of painting on location.

“The art of seeing is the constant goal,” Prigge says. “To refine my sight into pure emotion evidenced through brushmanship and color, that is my goal. I want to share the experience and magic that I see in a certain subject.”

His challenge was to paint 20 paintings, each on a 12″ x 12″ canvas, and to paint them at night. The result was a stunning spread of images from his hometown, Manitowoc, Wis., and from Los Angeles, Ca.

“Painting in the nighttime hours presents a whole new set of issues. There is the lack of light, nocturnal creatures and the nightlife and its personalities. I enjoy the challenge because it gives me a chance to view and study the difference in color and contrast. In addition to that, I really had to think about what would work on such a small canvas.”

The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace is located at N6975 Highway 42, two miles south of Algoma. For more information call 920.487.9902 or visit