Nolan Paschke

Behind the scenes of Sonny’s Pizzeria you’ll find Nolan Paschke, the hardest workingman ever. He strives to give each customer the best food they have ever tasted. He is someone you can count on to get the job done and to get it done right.

Nolan Paschke is a veteran of the Iraq war and loves to talk about his war stories. He is very passionate about his military background and can teach you all about the army.

You can find Nolan Paschke working at sonny’s Pizzeria in Sturgeon Bay most nights of the week. When he isn’t at Sonny’s Pizzeria he is bar tending at The Draft Haus in Sturgeon Bay. Be sure to thank Nolan for his military service and for his delicious pizzas next time you see him out and about.