Nor-Door Chili Run Five-Alarm Warning ‘08

There comes a time in every respectable American’s life when he or she must look in the mirror and truthfully answer that burning question, “How much chili could I possibly consume on one February Sunday?”

Listen close, Peabody. Luck is on your side, for you will be offered the chance to physically prove to yourself, and the world, that you, yes YOU, can ingest enough chili to drown a horse! Sure, you may be chuckling and quivering at the thought of consuming nothing but chili and beer for an entire Sunday afternoon, but you have to admit, your tummy and taste buds are getting a little aroused. Heck, if you aren’t already drooling or frothing at the mouth, I’ll buy you a cup of steaming meat and bean goodness. What I’m trying to get at here is that Northern Door’s most anticipated social event of every winter is merely days away. Prepare, windswept off-season inhabitants of this badger state’s thumb, for the Nor-Door Chili Run ’08 (or if you prefer, “oh ate”).

What is a chili run, you ask? Listen close, Peabody. It’s February in Door County, and it’s Super Bowl Sunday, t’boot (though we already ankle deep in the beans know this day as Chili-Run Sunday!). What are you gonna do all day to mentally prepare yourself for that biggest football game of the year? Where ever you choose to watch the game, it’s gonna be cold. You may remember last year’s Super Bowl Sunday found Door County crackling precariously in below-zero temps. I know a sure-fire way to keep warm, CHILI! It works on so many levels! And, if you are a seasoned Wisconsinite with a robust wiffle-liver, you might want to put on some meaty layers to help soak up the state drink. Put simply, a chili-run is a bunch of fun-loving fooligans riding around the county in an official chili-run transport, inhaling chili and beverages at every pre-chosen stop of the run, right up to the Super Bowl. How much chili can YOU take? Join us, or you may find yourself lost in our glorious fog wake!

Seriously, all seriousness aside, this is SERIOUS! Do you enjoy chili? Do you enjoy fun? Are you partial to some mindlessly fun mob mentality for an afternoon? Do you long to sing chili-carols? Do you enjoy CHANTING? Do you appreciate and celebrate the magic that our friend, the chili bean, can conjure up inside each and every one of us? Let us put our differences aside, and let us march forward, hand in hand, running, chanting, stomping, tooting, singing, and eating……chi-LI! Chi-LI! Chi-LI! Chi-LI!

We, the Nor-Door Chili Council, have organized this event to meet your exacting needs. This year’s chili transport is nothing short of a BUS! (and I assure you it’s a long bus!) THE CHILI BUS! Yes, we provide the bus, a sober driver, and even the fixings for creating your own chili-mob signs! Show to the world your love of chili! Make chili, not war! For a mere five bucks, you can ride the chili bus and join the chili-luia chorus! Where do I sign? Where do we meet? Where do we MEAT? Am I worthy? Am I physically capable? Is one human allowed this much sheer human bliss? Can I truly HANDLE chili nirvana?