North Shore Bank Expands Financial-Literacy Program

Fifty schools statewide will now have access to expanded resources through North Shore Bank’s (NSB) financial-literacy program. The bank has significantly increased its financial support of the initiative, quadrupling the number of schools that can participate because the program has shown significant upticks in students’ financial literacy. So far during the 2020-21 school year, average test scores have increased by 12% in the schools that NSB has supported.

This expanded initiative stems from NSB’s partnership with the Banzai Financial Education Program, which provides financial-literacy curricula to schools nationwide. Local schools that use the program include Southern Door and Sturgeon Bay High Schools.

“We’ve seen the direct impact these resources have on schoolwork, and we know the impact is even greater as the students become older – financial literacy is important at every age,” said Susan Doyle, senior vice president of retail banking at NSB. 

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