Northern Door Y of Door County Features Exhibit by Myrna Leigh Cohn

The Northern Door YMCA in Fish Creek is exhibiting more than a dozen paintings and prints by Myrna Leigh Cohn. The Baileys Harbor painter, writer, and former corporate management consultant discovered her artistic side later in life. Over a decade ago, she picked up a brush and dipped it into oils. From that point on, she began a personal and a spiritual quest through art.

Cohn began exploring cautiously as a representational artist, painting mostly landscapes and a few portraits. As her conviction and comprehension of the internal dynamics of being an artist came together, she began taking risks on canvas. Her paintings often began as landscapes and evolved into an abstract expression of her emotions.

“My paintings are contemporary reflections of an evolving journey through a typical life,” said Cohn, “an equal mix of beauty, joy and love, challenged by frustration, deprivation, fear and sorrow.”

The exhibit will run through mid-March. For more information visit