Northern Door YMCA Karate Promotions

Karate promotions were held at the Door County YMCA Northern Door Program Center on Dec. 17. The following individuals participated in the event: (first row, left to right) Ben Schroeder, Jamie Faustini, Molly McCormack, Jack Minten, Matt Janisse, Payton Williams, Ken Mentin, Kaden Lettie, and Erick Hoyerman; (second row, left to right) Sensei Mark Stephens, Eric Smith, Marci Faustini, Phil Faustini, Lexi Janseen, Allura Witalison, David Omilinsky, Joseph Omilinsky, Maggie Parzych, Monique McCormak, and Shihan Shaun Koulias. Not pictured, but promoted were Chris Mydea, Connor Moore, and Maxwell Morrow.