Northern Door YMCA May Build Outdoor Pickleball Court

Northern Door pickleball players may not always be confined to the three weekly two-hour blocks designated for pickleball in the YMCA gym.

The Northern Door YMCA is in the beginning stages of building an outdoor pickleball court to provide more space and opportunity for players. The idea came from players looking for more opportunities to play, and desire for an outdoor court has been a discussion topic for years.

Pickleball, a racket game played with wooden paddles and small wiffle balls, was invented in 1965 and is played on courts the size of badminton courts with low nets.

Drew Richmond, Northern Door YMCA executive director, said the project is estimated to cost $13,000. The YMCA has already raised $2,100 and has been promised some in-kind donations to help with construction.

“We really need to get the other $6,000 in, and if it comes in quickly we can probably move forward [with construction] relatively quickly,” Richmond said.

Richmond said he isn’t sure where the Pickleball court would be built, but said it would be open to the public as well as YMCA members.

“Pickleball is a slowed down version of tennis, so that appeals to a number of different age groups,” Richmond said. “Basically all skill and ability levels can play the game. I think that’s why it’s most popular here.”