Notes from the Grove

Welcome to the second Notes from the Grove providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors tidbits of information about goings on in Town Government.

• Bud Kalms and Janet Johnson have completed the move to the temporary Town Offices at the North Fire Station. They will be there during the remodeling and new construction at the Town Hall. The Board approved the bid of Zeise Construction Company for $1,260,000. Original estimates for the project were $1,500,000. The Town Hall Design Committee did an excellent job of putting together a design and their efforts brought most bids in under the original projected cost. Thanks go to Bill Casey, Jim Creed, Janet Johnson and Bud Kalms. Mike Till will be overseeing the project on behalf of the town.

• The first meeting of the Town Board was held at the Ellison Bay Community Center on June 3. This will be our home until the construction is completed. Please check the calendar on the town Web site for times and locations of committee meetings.

• Mike Walker gave an oversight of how he will proceed with accumulating costs associated with the possible purchase of land in Gills Rock. At the second board meeting in May a resolution was passed separating any purchase of land in Gills Rock from the proposed marina.

• Administrator Bud Kalms reported that the pulverizing of Badger, Birchwood, and Orchard roads will begin on June 19, with paving to follow on June 29. All weather permitting.

• The John Mahoney tree dedication will take place at the Women’s Club at 1 pm Wednesday, June 17.

• Supervisor Frank Forkert reported that the Joint Utilities Committee has recommended that the Sister Bay Village approve a more effective Well Ordinance and that Liberty Grove should consider moving along to create its own Well Ordinance.  The committee is also facing a substantial sewer rate increase based on recently updated operating and maintenance costs.

• The Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Library Commission reported Library visits up 3 percent, computer users down 2 percent, and circulation was down 7 percent. Kindly provide Henry Timm with historical information, pictures and artifacts pertaining to Liberty Grove’s l50th Anniversary for inclusion in library exhibits and programs later this summer and fall.

• The new Information Technology Committee will be having its initial meeting in the next 10 days to establish its goals and elect a chairman.  Those interested in joining the committee and participating in its work should contact John Lowry at [email protected] or Frank Forkert at [email protected].

• Supervisor Ann Miller reported that the Scenic Byways Group (a Liberty Grove Ad Hoc Committee) will meet at the Jacksonport Fire Station Thursday, June 18, at 7 pm. It will be a working meeting and all interested persons are encouraged to attend. For more information, call 920.839.2288 and ask for Ann.

• Funding for the Wisconsin Fund that used to provide low income property owners with some financial assistance for failing septic system upgrades was cut completely in the state budget process recently.

• Contractors and service industry employers in Door County are encouraged to participate in registering the prevailing wages for their trades with the WI Dept. of Commerce so more local businesses can competitively bid for public works projects in Door County. For more details, contact your local government entity.

To contact John Lowry regarding the Town of Liberty Grove or information found within this column, email [email protected] or call the Town of Liberty Grove at 920.854.2934.