Notes from the Grove


Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors tid bits of information about goings on in town government.


• David Studebaker has been appointed to the IT Committee. We could use one or two additional members of that committee. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact Janet at the town office for information.


• The Town Board discussed the continued problem of excessive shooting at the gravel pit on Mink River Road. The board asked that the town attorney contact the property owners.


• The Town Board has set the budget for the Budget Hearing on November 15 at 6 pm. The Tax Levy for the Town of Liberty Grove will remain at the 2009 level. The Finance Committee recommended no increase for 2010.


• Administrator Kalms has provided a levy comparison for 2009 to 2010 for the various taxing entities that affect Town of Liberty Grove taxpayers:


Jurisdiction: 2009 levy; 2010 levy; $ Difference; % change


– NWTC: $1,655,966.36; $1,587,684.79; -$68,281.57; (4.13%)


– State of Wisconsin: $182,707.78; $167,011.94; -$15695.84; (8.59%)


– Door County: $3,318,160.91; $3,380.768.38; $62,607.47; 1.89%


– Gibraltar School: $2,920,776.07; $2,958,309.89; $37,533.82; 1.29%


– Liberty Grove: $1,696,659.08; $1,696,659.08; $0.00; 0.00%


• The procedure for the meeting on November 15 is as follows:


– At 6 pm, the Budget Hearing will take testimony on the numbers that have been worked out by the Finance Committee and presented to the Town Board.


– Immediately following the hearing a Town Meeting will vote to adopt the 2010 levy payable in 2011. The Town Meeting also approves the proposed total highway expenses for 2011.


– Following the Town Meeting the board will convene a Special Meeting to adopt the 2011 proposed Town Budget. The proposed Town Budget is on the Town Web Site and copies are available at the Town Hall.


• The Utility District held its hearing on November 10. There was a proposed increase of $778, which is a 3.0013 percent increase over 2010.


To contact John Lowry regarding the Town of Liberty Grove or information found within this column, email [email protected] or call the Town of Liberty Grove at 920.854.2934.