Notes from the Grove

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors tid bits of information about goings on in town government.

• The Town Board has approved a request from the Top of the Thumb organization to help fund the driveway and parking at the Liberty Grove Historical site. In a joint venture with the Liberty Grove Historical, the Top of the Thumb organization will be relocating their information center to the large log cabin on the historical site. Access will be gained by utilizing the existing driveway across from the Shepherd of the Bay Church. A parking area will be installed adjacent to the large barn. Funds approved for the project will be taken from Room Tax revenues the town receives. The board has designated available Room Tax monies to go to projects within the town that benefit appropriate tourism projects.

• The Town Board approved the recommendation of the Highway Committee to award the 2011 asphalt paving to low bidder North East Asphalt. The chip sealing was awarded to Scott Construction. Both bids came in under the budgeted amount.

• The Town Board has approved the purchase of a new chipper from Vermeer. The new chipper has considerably more safety features and is capable of handling much larger pieces of brush and trees. It will replace the current chipper that the town owns. The resultant chips are much smaller and will be used in town parks. Any left over chips will be made available to town residents. The funds for the chipper will come from the monies saved from bidding on the 2011 highway paving and chip sealing.

• The town has received information and draft maps regarding Farmland Preservation from the Door County Planning Department. This is part of the 2009 state “Working Lands Initiative” farmland preservation legislation. Included in the information are options available to farmers and towns and the county planning process and timeline. It is anticipated after review the board will schedule a public informational hearing.

• The town is still waiting for word from the State Department of Transportation regarding the installation of crosswalks in Ellison Bay. A request was made more than a year ago by the town to designate pedestrian crosswalks.

• A reminder that the Town Well Testing Program is scheduled for June. Two links are available for the well testing program taking place in Liberty Grove this year on the town website. The cost per test will be $107 and is an in depth test of the makeup of the water. The test will look at nitrate and nitrite nitrogen, chloride, alkalinity, total harness, corrosive index, pH, conductivity, chloroform bacteria, arsenic, lead, copper and triazine screen. Participants will be issued bottles from the Town Hall on Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26 (the time to be determined). Water will be collected per instructions on Monday and returned to the Town Hall. The collections will then be taken to Stevens Point where they will be tested and the results sent to each individual. The town will not be sent the test results. This test is limited to the first 150 people who wish to participate. After the results of the tests have been compiled Stevens Point will offer an informational meeting on its findings. For more information contact the Town Office at 920.854.2934 and ask for either Janet Johnson or Bud Kalm.

To contact John Lowry regarding the Town of Liberty Grove or information found within this column, email [email protected] or call the Town of Liberty Grove at 920.854.2934.