Notes from the Grove

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors tid bits of information about goings on in town government.

• In addition to the Computer and Household Appliance Recycle the Town Board has scheduled a paper Shred Fest to be held at the same time. The event will take place August 6 from 9 am – 1 pm at the Town Hall located on Old Stage Road. Participation is limited to town residents and property owners. Washington Island has been invited to participate as well. Please check the town website for details.

• The Board of Review has been adjourned to September 28, 2011, to allow completion of the revaluation being conducted by Dorscher and Associates. The Board of Review will be from 1 – 3 pm at the Town Hall.

• The hearing on the Petition to Open a Public Highway will be held July 7 at 6 pm. The opening relates to parcels 018-02-1532234A1 and 018-41-0000. Additional information is available on the town website.

• Valley Sealcoat will be resurfacing the tennis courts at Ellison Bay.

• The Town Board has passed a resolution congratulating Seaquist Orchards on being named by the Door County Economic Development Corporation as “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

• The Town Board approved the Public Access Easement with the DNR at Rowleys Bay Resort. The town will operate the launch ramp and marina for the next four years. After that the town will be operating the waterfront area as a Town Park under an agreement with the DNR.

• Several telephone conference meetings have been held with the DOT, DNR, and Land Trust regarding the most efficient way to process the grant award for acquisition of the Ellison Bay Hill. It is the intention of the Land Trust to give the town the sixteen acres involved in the acquisition.

• Reminder that the Well Testing Program will take place June 25 and 26. Details are available on the town website. 

• Summer “Listening Session” is scheduled for August 11 at the Town Hall and is an opportunity for town residents to address the Town Board on any and all matters. The board will not act on any items at that meeting but will schedule for future meetings. When practical the board will respond to questions.

• The Plan Commission has openings for members. Please contact the Town Office for information.

• S.A. Rogers came to the Liberty Grove area in the 1870s. He purchased 3,600 acres on Rowleys Bay, built a trading post and bartered with the Indians that lived nearby. The post soon became a general store, doctor’s office, and post office. The economy of the area revolved around a shingle mill and logging operation that depended on a large dock.