Notes from the Grove

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors tid bits of information about goings on in town government.

• A reminder that a permit is required for fireworks. Contact the Town Office for information and application. 

• The Town Board appointed Ronald Erickson as the new Harbormaster for the Ellison Bay Marina and Launch facility. He replaces retiring Harbormaster Sam Hanson.

• Sub-committees were approved for the Parks and Properties Committee and the Highway Committee. The highway sub-subcommittee will formulate guidelines and criteria for “Heritage Roads” within the town. They will also make recommendations for which town roads should be designated as a Heritage Road. The committee will be comprised of two Highway Committee members and three citizens. Citizens interested in serving on this sub-committee are asked to contact the Town Office.

One sub-committee of Parks and Property will work on plans for the Rowleys Bay Marina and launch ramp. That area will become a Town Park when turned over by the DNR. The other sub-committee will consider maintenance and improvements to the Ellison Bay Marina. The dredging at Ellison Bay has been completed.

• An application for a permit to construct a stairway to the water at Hotz Park at the end of Isle View Road was approved. At present access to the beach and water is difficult. The Town Crew will construct and install the stairway.

• “Door Jam” gatherings on Timberline Road have been approved. The “Jams” will take place on Sunday mornings during the summer season.

• Kate Houston and Paul Flottman have been appointed to the Liberty Grove Plan Commission.

• The Town Board approved the replacement of the current skid steer. The cost of a new skid steer would be no more than $5,500 after trading in the current piece of equipment and required maintenance. The funding will be taken from the Isle View Road prep work which is estimated to come in much below the budgeted $30,000.

• Operating funding for the Town Board’s portion of the Door County Coastal Byways will be taken from the Room Tax revenues received by the town. The town has designated Room Tax Revenues to be used for tourism related enhancements.

• In 1868 commercial fishing got underway in Ellison Bay. Initially a winter occupation hook and line was used through the ice. Catches were placed in snow banks to be frozen until picked up by a driver with a team of horses and sleigh. The fish were placed in boxes and hauled across the ice to Menominee. If the ice was not safe the fish were salted, placed in barrels to await the arrival of ships in spring to take them to market. Hook and line fishing of trout commercially would continue for over 60 years.