Notes from the Grove

This is the inaugural “notes” column to help keep Liberty Grove residents informed about the happenings in Town Government. I will be asking the Town Supervisors and staff to contribute tidbits of information as we develop this column. I want to thank the Peninsula Pulse and their staff for providing this opportunity to increase awareness in Liberty Grove.

• Beginning in June, Town Offices will be located at the North Fire Station while construction takes place at the Town Hall.

• Town Board Meetings, as well as Planning Committee Meetings, will be held at the Ellison Bay Women’s Club Building.

• Other Committee Meetings will be held at the North Fire Station unless otherwise announced.

• Supervisors Forkert, Tidball and Lowry will be attending a workshop for Town Officials presented by the Wisconsin Towns Association.

• Supervisor Miller was elected Chairman of the Door County Unit of the Wisconsin Towns Association.

• Installation of the transmitting tower continues at the North Fire Station. The tower will provide communications between the fire stations, town personnel and also allow for wireless Internet services in the Ellison Bay area. A second tower will be installed at the Town Hall as well.

• We have created two new committees:  an IT Committee and a Commerce Committee. The IT Committee will be charged with how the town can make best use of the Internet. The Commerce Committee will be looking at ways to retain businesses and attract new commerce to the town to provide more employment opportunities.