Novel Bay Adds to Its Shelves

Check out some of the newest releases that Novel Bay Booksellers, 44 N. 3rd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay, has added to its shelves. Maybe you’ll find your next read here!


Earth Messages by Jill Harding

This delightful picture book by Door County author and artist Jill Harding offers simply sweet messages related to caring for nature and loving our universe.

We Are Family by LeBron James and Andrea Williams

This inspiring original work by NBA superstar LeBron James and acclaimed author Andrea Williams is a warm story about having dreams of achievement and overcoming challenges to achieve a goal. For ages 8-12.


Phantom Heart by Kelly Creagh

This reimagining of the classic Phantom of the Opera tale is engaging and compelling.


The Magician by Colm Tóibín

This dazzling and brilliant saga is based on the life of celebrated novelist Thomas Mann – an epic story that’s profoundly luminous and elegantly readable.


Here, Right Matters: An American Story by Alexander S. Vindman

Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is the Army officer who testified about former President Donald Trump’s offer to lift his hold on Ukraine’s urgently needed military supplies if their president agreed to publicly launch an investigation of the Bidens. Vindman covers all this in just 240 pages. You’ll feel better about our government and military after reading this account – but not necessarily our politicians.

Shoreline at the Edge: Door County’s Lakeside Forests and Wetlands by Paul M. Lurie

This is a fantastic addition to any Door County home library. The book is a production of the Door County Land Trust with aerialscapes by photographer Paul M. Lurie, contributions by the late Norbert Blei and writings by Steven Leonard and Cinnamon Rossman. Shoreline on the Edge illuminates and describes why the county’s changing coastline is an ominous sign of global climate change, but Leonard and Rossman offer hope through their descriptions of Door County’s longstanding history of land conservation. 

Beauty in Simplicity: Arts and Craft Pottery by Virginia Jones Maher

Beauty in Simplicity highlights the art pottery of the early-20th-century Arts and Crafts movement, which influenced studio art pottery and contemporary ceramics today. The Arts and Crafts movement celebrated the simple lines, utility and nature of pottery in contrast to the mass production and industrialization that was popular at the time. Door County art historian Virginia Jones Maher includes writings by artists, designers and architects of the era to create an excellent art history accompanied by stunning color photos.

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