Novel Bay Hosts Book Signing with Bradley James Tall

Novel Bay Booksellers, 44 N. 3rd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay, will hold an author book signing with Bradley James Tall on Oct. 5, 2 pm. He recently published The Silence of Darkness, a murder mystery set in Door County that tells how a local deputy and a veterinarian come together to solve the disappearance of a teen boy. 

Inspiring the setting and informing the content of the work were Tall’s knowledge of the county’s highways and backroads, which he came to know well as a FedEx driver; and his experiences as a now-retired farm owner, which helped him to incorporate the struggle of small-farm operators who are trying to stay afloat in a world of mega farms and powerful rural business owners. The Silence of Darkness is the first of three novels Tall is planning for his American Back Roads Stories series, and he said some characters from this book will return for the next.


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