By the Numbers: Charitable Giving


In a new survey conducted by WalletHub, Wisconsin is ranked 9th in the nation for charitable giving. The eight states that rank higher begin with Utah at the top of the pile, followed by Minnesota, North Dakota, Maryland, Oklahoma, Delaware, New Hampshire and Ohio. Arizona had the worst ranking, followed by California, Texas, Nevada and Hawaii. Here are some items looked at in determining the rankings.



The United States’ ranking for charitable giving out of 140 countries considered in the World Giving Index. It is also the ranking for Wisconsin in terms of numbers of volunteer hours per capita.



Wisconsin’s ranking in volunteerism. Only Utah, South Dakota and Minnesota ranked higher for volunteering. Louisiana, Nevada, New York, Mississippi and Florida ranked lowest for volunteerism.



Percentage of Wisconsin population that has either collected or distributed food for the hungry.



Percentage of Wisconsin population who claim to have donated time and/or money to charitable causes.



Wisconsin’s ranking in number of charities per capita.



The median number of hours given by the nearly 63 million people who volunteered with an organization between 2014-15.


$373 billion

The amount of money U.S. donors gave to charity in 2015. Seventy-one percent of that came directly from individuals, according to the National Philanthropic Trust.




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