By the Numbers: Summer Solstice


With the summer solstice officially arriving here at 5:34 pm on Monday, June 20, we look at some numbers for the summer of 2016.



Cancun is rated the No. 1 summer travel destination based on AAA travel bookings through Aug. 15. Punta Cana, Dominican Republican, is number 2, followed by London, Rome and Montego Bay, Jamaica.



The amount you will pay in pounds (that amounts to $21.68) to park your car at the Solstice Car Park at Stonehenge, where solstice worshippers have gathered since ancient times. Also note that alcohol is not permitted at the monument, however, if your summer solstice activities at Stonehenge include the ceremonial use of mead, there is an email contact you can reach at the English Heritage organization.



The percentage of Americans who say their summer vacation will be spent on a cruise.



The degree of tilt of the North Pole toward the sun at the summer solstice.



The percentage of Americans who say their summer vacation will be spent at a national park.



The percentage of Americans who say they are more likely to take a car trip this summer due to lower gas prices.



The number of sporting events scheduled for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, encompassing 28 sports.


23.1 million

The number of air passengers expected to travel between June 1-Aug. 31. That’s 2.51 million per day, or 95,500 more daily passengers than 2015 numbers.


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