OBITUARY: Chrystal Chartier

Chrystal Chartier, 41, of Baileys Harbor, died peacefully on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022, in the presence of her family. She never slowed down during her four years of cancer treatment and kept a smile on her face despite the challenges of each new day. She won her final fight in life though, having found a place for herself and her family; husband, Lucas Wittenmyer and children Lida and Evren, in beautiful Door County.

An artist all her life, Chrystal had an eye for beauty. She was a talented painter and photographer, and captured moments that many might have overlooked. This creativity and attention to detail guided her life; she could formulate a plan in her mind and see it through to the end, no matter the odds. Chrystal could never be told “no.” She was determined, and she was fearless.

Chrystal is further survived by her parents, Ryan and Jackie Chartier; her sister, Michele Hamrick; much extended family; and many close friends, who will all miss the unique energy she brought to this world.

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