October Room Tax Expected to Jump After Late Collections

More than 150 lodging operators failed to report their room tax on time in October and their payments will likely help October’s initially reported decline.

The unadjusted report for October room tax dollars noted declines of 5.4 percent when compared to the same month last year. But tourism zone administrator Kim Roberts said a higher-than-usual number of late collections will likely bring that number up.

“There are always late reports to come in that will impact the initial reporting numbers,” said Roberts, noting the late reporting is coming from several different municipalities. “The numbers will continue to be re-run until year end at which time the numbers for 2017 become final.”

The late collections were spread out among several municipalities.

Roberts said there are usually 60 to 70 properties that fail to report by the monthly deadline, meaning late payments in October nearly doubled. From the time the first reporting deadline for October collections passed on Nov. 30 to now, Roberts received payments from more than 130 properties, bringing the number of outstanding payments in October to 21.

On fringe months of the spring and fall, the number of units available and their occupancy is especially sensitive to when weekends fall, as businesses may open or close for the season. In 2016, October had five weekends while in 2017, the month had just four.

October room tax collections will be adjusted in the coming months.

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