On Display at the Linden Gallery in Door County

The Linden Gallery in Ellison Bay will host a Trunk Show by jewelry artists Peter and Skye Ciesla of Bazyli Studio. The two-day show will take place August 13 and 14. Peter’s background as a couture clothing designer and fiber artist, and Skye’s background as a stone, wood, and mixed-media sculptor, proves to be a dynamic combination. The artists’ intent is to walk the line between the fashion world and the art world, drawing inspiration from each other as well as from the richness of the materials they use – beads from around the world.

Peter and Skye have created an ever-changing Asian Collection for Linden Gallery over several years. This years’ work, some still utilizing the ethnic copper molds and silver collected by the Lindens from Chinese hinterlands, remains exquisitely detailed and vibrant.

The Linden Gallery is currently exhibiting “The Enchanted Terra,” featuring the works of Hong Kong painter Ho Youn Tzen, who also goes by the English name Yvonne Ho. The exhibit will run through September.

Tzen’s recent paintings were created after her trips to China, namely visiting Tibetan tribes in Sichuan and Yunnan province and the rural mountain of northern Canton. The paintings clearly show strong Tibetan flavor and mountainous scenes. Lively and modern, these paintings are her tribute to nature and life.

The Linden Gallery is located at 12001 Mink River Road in Ellison Bay and is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm. For more information call 920.854.2487.