On the Road to Northport

“Road to Northport – Spring” by George Burr.

It’s spring and the trilliums have returned to Door County, including that famous stretch of road at the tip of the county. State Highway 42 at Northport, one of the most photographed stretches of asphalt in Wisconsin, is in full bloom and spring colors.

Local artist George Burr has now painted the “Road To Northport – Spring” to celebrate the return of the trillium and the early spring leaves. The painting is from the traditional view (near Deer Trail Lane) but includes part of the woods to capture the trillium. It will complement Burr’s bestselling fall painting of the road.

The painting is now on display at the George Burr Gallery. Besides the original, Burr offers limited edition prints in several sizes both framed and unframed. Also, he has made cards, coasters and refrigerator magnets. Prints on metal in various sizes are available as well.

Burr works with soft pastels on sanded papers to create Door County themed landscapes. He is known for his intense use of color and serene, peaceful, and almost photorealistic landscapes.

The George Burr Gallery is located at 10325 Hwy. 42 on the north side of Ephraim. The gallery is open daily 10 am – 5 pm. For more information call 920.854.7877, email [email protected] or visit