Once Upon Our Peninsula: Aug. 16-23, 2019

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

The Expositor
August 14, 1874

The Third annual Catalogue of the State Normal School at Oshkosh, Wis. for the school year 1873-74 is received. It shows a good degree of prosperity, 627 pupils being enrolled during the year. Among the students in the preparatory department we notice the name of Laura Wieborg, Fish Creek, and in the training department, Emma Richardson of Forestville.

The Independent
August 13, 1886

The usual quiet of our city was disturbed Monday morning by a mad-dog scare, a small dog owned by Wilson Warner being the disturber. The purp ran up and down Cedar street for a time followed by our local crack shots who opened fire on him with a fusilade of small arms, which endangered the lives of the bystanders more than that of the dog. Finally some one hit the animal with a plank and put him out of his misery.

The Democrat
August 16, 1894

The Menominee River Brewing Co. Has established a depot in this part of the city (the fourth ward) for the purpose of supplying their many customers of this locality with beer, a part of the Chas. I. Martin cold storage warehouse having been rented for this purpose. It is only a comparatively short time since this company turned their attention to this locality with a view to marketing their product, yet in only a few months the demand for the amber fluid manufactured by them has grown so that the establishment of this depot has been made necessary. F. A. Rayman has charge of the company’s affairs in this county and his ability as a hustler has something to do with the firm’s success.

Door County Democrat
August 15, 1908

Next Sunday will be a special temperance day in the protestant churches in this city and State Supt. U. G. Humphrey and Dist. Supt. A. H. Zechiel will address meetings on both sides of the bay. In the morning at 10:30 Mr. Humphrey will speak at the Moravian church and Mr. Zechiel will be at the German M. E. church at Sawyer at the same hour. In the evening at 8:00 o’clock Mr. Humphrey will speak at the Norwegian Lutheran church in Sawyer and at 7:45 Mr. Zechiel will conduct a union service at the Congregational church. All persons wishing to hear the latest news in the line of temperance are invited to attend..

Door County News
August 14, 1919

The minimum wage called for women went into effect on August 1st, and due to the fact that there has been a considerable difference of opinion regarding its provisions the Industrial Board at Madison has been swamped with inquiries. Secretary Witte in answering the inquiries says:

“In computing the wage due under the minimum wage order, no allowance can be made for payment for vacations and other periods when no actual service is rendered by the employes.

“A woman or minor over 17 years of age, who has completed the learning period of six months as a saleslady or salesman in any mercantile establishment, can not be paid less than 22 cents per hour when he or she enters another department or mercantile industry.”

Door County News
August 16, 1928
Three Novelty
Contests To Be
Held At Fair

The Door County Fair association have offered prizes for several novelty contests which promise to create considerable interest.

A five dollar prize has been offered to the car coming the farthest distance to the fair and there is also a five dollar prize to the car bringing the greatest number to the grounds. In the latter case, however, all the people must be inside the car to conform with state laws and there shall be no more than three adult persons in the driver’s seat.

There is also a five dollar award offered to the car coming to the fair with the greatest number of auto accessories on it. The winners of the novelty contests will be announced at three o’clock on Saturday afternoon before the grandstand.

Door County News
August 13, 1936

Warrants have been issued for the arrest of Sidney Hayes and Elmer Malvetz, Sturgeon Bay young men, for creating a disturbance at a public dance and resisting arrest Saturday night. When apprehended,the two will be tried under the habitual criminal act, according to a statement by Police Chief James F. Hall.

Hayes and Malvetz, accompanied by Robert Van Dreese, alsoof Sturgeon Bay, were reprimanded by Shirley Fairchild, deputy sheriff, Saturday evening for creating a disturbance at the public dance. Malvetz struck at Fairchild, and the latter called the police patrol. By the time officers Londo and Jackon reached the hall with the “wagon,” Hayes and Malvetz had left. Spotting the pair on the Bank of Sturgeon Bay corner, Officer Londo attempted to place them under arrest but they instead “lit out” in the general direction of the railroad bridge. The officer fired three shots in the air in an effort to scare the men, but to no avail.