Once Upon Our Peninsula: Oct. 11

News from this week’s past

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

The Expositor

October 9, 1874

The talk on the street seems to indicate that it is now definitely settled that work will commence on the canal in a few days and continue through the winter.

The Independent

October 12, 1888

It is probably that inconsequence of the lateness of the season and the prospect of unfavorable weather the walls of the new catholic church will not be laid this year, as the work of brick-laying would be pursued at a great disadvantage. All of the carpentering is to be prepared during the fall and winter, and the builders can proceed without interruption in the spring.

Door County Democrat

October 12, 1895

Messrs. Leathem & Smith have recently received additional contacts clling for upwards of 500 cords of stone. The quarries will now be taxed to their utmost capacity to fill all their contracts.

Door County Democrat

October 9, 1909

The residence of Mrs. Jas. Keogh will be connected with the city heating system and is the first private residence in the city to be supplied from the municipal heating plant. The residences of Wenzel and Frank Shimmel, Alex Anderson and Chas. Greisen have been connected with the water main on Court street.

Door County News

October 11, 1928




Ship Turned Over To

Underwriters; Total

Loss, Report

In a heavy fog Thursday afternoon the freighter M. J. Bartelme, a 352 foot boat, was grounded about 300 feet off the southeast point of Cana Island, She carried a crew of 29 men at the time of the accident.

It is reported that the boat is almost a total loss. The boat was carrying iron ore fromEscanaba to Milwaukee but was light when it went aground. It was in charge of Capt. Crochet and Wallace Ives of this city is chief engineer.

The M. J. Bartelme is owned by the Valley Camp Steamship company of Cleveland, Ohio.

Door County News

October 10, 1936


Some years ago cities of the Fox River valley were accorded airplane mail service but for some reason or other it was discontinued, and at the present time it is understood an effort is being made to again reestablish the service. The News is of the opinion that the effort will be successful, and for the purpose of including Door county to receive the same service we believe an attempt should be made by local organizations to tie-in with the groups representing Fox River valley cities in presenting the matter to the post office department. There would be only a small increase in the mileage in extending the service to Sturgeon Bay and Washington Island, or even on further to the northern peninsula of Michigan.