Online Percussion Studio Sessions Coming

Nationally and internationally renowned Birch Creek Percussion and Steel Band faculty will share their expertise during one-hour, online Studio Sessions: great opportunities for musicians to expand their musical tool kit.

Rodrigo Villanueva-Conroy will present “Drummifying the Rudiments” on Jan. 30, 11 am. He will teach participants good practice habits and provide ideas to develop control of the sticks and feet on the drumset.

Yuko Asada, Birch Creek assistant steel band director, will present “Tuna Can Pans: The Making of Steel Pans” on Feb. 6, 11 am. She’ll show how steel pans are made and tuned. 

Yuko Asada. Submitted.

Brian Nozny, Birch Creek percussion and steel band composer-in-residence, will offer “More Than Dots on a Page: Beginning Composition” on Feb. 13, 11 am. He’ll help participants understand the basics of creating a musical piece, from developing the musical material to putting down the final double-bar line. 

The three sessions are designed to complement each other and provide a complete package about preparation for music performance. The cost is $10 per one-hour class. To register, visit or call 920.868.3763.

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