Open Door Bird Sanctuary Offers Free Trees

Open Door Bird Sanctuary in Jacksonport is looking for people to repurpose their trees. The sanctuary, a non-profit organization dedicated to avian care, rehabilitation, and nature education; is currently under development. The sanctuary land is being prepared for the future construction of the main entrance road, Avian Rehabilitation Clinic, and Visitor & Learning Center. Successful efforts have been made to leave minimal impact on the landscape, but some trees will be removed.

The staff at Open Door is offering these trees on first come, first choice basis. The trees will be available for people to cut or dig themselves, with their own tools. Assistance will be available for those who require it.

A variety of evergreen trees are available – White Pine, White Cedar, and Spruce. They range in size from seedlings to trees over 15-feet tall.

Now is the prime time for transplanting evergreens, since they can be moved until a heavy frost hits. Trees will be available now through Spring 2013.

For more information, or to make an appointment to visit the Sanctuary for tree selection and/or pickup, contact Executive Director Rob Hults at 920.724.1399, or [email protected].

Open Door Bird Sanctuary is located just south of Jacksonport on County Road I, one mile west of Highway 57. For more information visit