Open Door Bird Sanctuary Receives Green Gift from Cellcom

(Left to right) Shawn Barlament, Cellcom retail manager, and Rob Van Gemert, Cellcom sales manager, presented Open Door Bird Sanctuary director Rob Hults a check to help the sanctuary raise avian awareness.

Open Door Bird Sanctuary received a $500 Green Gift from Cellcom on Oct. 30 at their facility one mile west of Highway 57 on County I in Jacksonport.

The Open Door Bird Sanctuary aims to raise avian awareness while inspiring people to coexist with the natural world that surrounds them. When fully functional, the sanctuary will be the only facility of its kind in the area, offering a unique combination of environmental and wildlife education. The short-term goal is to develop the first stage of onsite and outreach programming by obtaining non-native birds of prey, which will be housed and cared for onsite. The Green Gift will support this effort.

“These birds are education ambassadors as we visit schools, group homes, festivals and other gatherings, sharing our mission of environmental awareness. A close personal experience with some of nature’s most amazing animals inspires all those who attend an educational program featuring raptors,” said Rob Hults, director of Open Door. “We have seen this translate directly into environmental stewardship, volunteerism and even setting a course toward higher education in the environmental sciences.”

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