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Climate Change Coalition of Door County


(920) 279-3648

Mailing Address

PO Box 474
Sister Bay, WI 54234

About Climate Change Coalition of Door County

The Climate Change Coalition of Door County (CCCDC) began in 2012 as an informal association of concerned citizens. Since then, it has become a unique member of the state conservation community, as well as a model for action that focuses on the crucial challenge of fostering individual and community engagement and the political will necessary to address the many threats presented by climate change.

Perhaps no other environmental issue has more potential to alter our world than climate change. It affects each and every one of us, regardless of gender, race, nationality and socioeconomic class or education level. Over the past four years, CCCDC has worked in many ways to raise understanding and awareness of climate change in Door County, and thereby to build support for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the impacts that are occurring. This work has been carefully done in a non-partisan manner, recognizing the crucial need to build support from everyone who cares about the environment.

In 2014, CCCDC held its first Climate Change Forum. The event was so well received that it has become the centerpiece of CCCDC’s efforts to inform the public on the impacts of climate change and to communicate ways to make a difference at individual and community levels. In addition, CCCDC offers educational activities throughout the year, including monthly lectures and films, county-wide tree plantings, and outreach to Door County schools and faith-based organizations. The organization also coordinates a monthly Climate Corner column in the Peninsula Pulse.

CCCDC has actively sought support from local businesses. To date, over 125 Door County businesses have come together to express their care for the natural world by signing the Climate Declaration. These businesses have committed to foster innovation, encourage efficiency, enhance public health, create new jobs and bring technological advances to the market.

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