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Door Bluff Headlands Park

Physical Address

Ellison Bay, WI

About Door Bluff Headlands Park

The Bluff, or Headlands, is unique in their structure and appearance, being one of a few such formations in this country. It is reputed that it was at this point where the Washington Island Indians (Iroquois), fought the mainland Indians (Potawatomi). Second largest of the county parks with approximately 6,800 feet of shoreline, it is undeveloped save for an access road to its interior.

The park is characterized by vertical bluffs rising up from the waters of Green Bay, a variety of tree species, numerous species of ground vegetation, and varied topography. In short, it is a delight for the naturalist, but because it is not developed for active recreational use, it receives limited usage. New highway signage has helped visitors locate the park.

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