Overhead and Shout Outs: July 6, 2018


Are there tid-bits of conversations you’ve heard while standing in line at the grocery store, serving a table, or walking down the sidewalk that make you smile, cringe or laugh out loud?


“First you’re a Russian, then European.”

“Beard? Not so much. I can grow a pretty good neck-beard.”

“Ranch is a food group.”

“I’m gonna catch it, and name it, and ride it to victory.”

“That’s a long walk to a ham sandwich”

“I just can’t wear harem pants, ya know?”

“Can’t afford not to Uber.”

“Seagulls are the goats of the water.”



Is there someone or something that deserves a pat on the back or a slap on the wrist?


Shout outs to Versace, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Armani, Stella McCartney and Gucci. You’ll find no animal fur in their fashion lines anymore. ~ Sharon Thill

Shout out to the Open Door Pride Committee for a great week of events and a fantastic, diverse and inclusive festival in Martin Park on Saturday, June 24!

Shout out to my husband for making me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.


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