Overheard and Pet Peeves: April 22, 2016


Are there tid-bits of conversations you’ve heard while standing in line at the grocery store, serving a table, or walking down the sidewalk that make you smile, cringe or laugh out loud?


“Because we are all God’s creatures. That, and I don’t like squishing them. It’s icky.”


“Doesn’t everybody have a ‘no farting’ rule?”


“Trust me, that’s something you don’t want to Google.”


“Stop laughing! What would you do if your boyfriend had a thing for dolphin art?!”


It’s like The Shawshank Redemption – only with Cephalopods.”


“At first glance I thought your last name was Pancakes…that would have been so awesome.”



Is there something that really irks you, gets your goat, rubs you the wrong way, drives you up the wall, gets you bent out of shape, puts a stick in your craw, or makes you want to throw in the towel?


Trying with all your might and still failing miserably with the “Push to Open” tab on the side of a macaroni box.


When, mid-shampoo, you realize you never grabbed a towel before stepping into the shower.


People who walk their dogs and don’t use a leash.


Dropping a chocolate chip/raisin/macaroni noodle/other small item under the stove and not being able to retrieve it.


People who drive their vehicle into my lane to go around a pedestrian or bicyclist in their lane.


Cold feet. Literally and figuratively.


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