Overheard and Pet Peeves: September 1, 2017


Are there tid-bits of conversations you’ve heard while standing in line at the grocery store, serving a table, or walking down the sidewalk that make you smile, cringe or laugh out loud?

“I used their speed to their disadvantage.”

“I hafta pee but I don’t want to. I just don’t want to.”

“Get here before the meltdown does.”

“Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable…like unconsciousness.”

“It’s hard to be stressed out when you’ve got a bucket of popcorn between your thighs.”

“He tries to be codependent with strangers.”


Is there something that really irks you, gets your goat, rubs you the wrong way, drives you up the wall, gets you bent out of shape, puts a stick in your craw, or makes you want to throw in the towel?

People using the Green Space recycling center for dumping household garbage.

When you have to say thank you to your honey for doing the laundry, even though he washed the towels with all your black clothes.

When your toddler poops on the floor mid-diaper change.

When you bite into a jelly bean and it’s a different flavor than what you thought it was.

 That the monumental 21st chapter of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange was omitted from the editions published in the United States prior to 1986.

A foolish romantic heart that overrules a usually reliable brain and allows a relationship that can never work to run its disastrous course.

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