Overheard, Shout Outs and Pet Peeves


Are there tid-bits of conversations you’ve heard while standing in line at the grocery store, serving a table, or walking down the sidewalk that make you smile, cringe or laugh out loud?

“Being a mother, you realize that mattress pads are from heaven.”

“I was the kid that would always laugh too hard and wet my pants.”

“Those are called joysticks.”

“Does he have children? Cause he’s terrifying.”

“‘How’s the hurricane?’ ‘I bought gas and wine and glowsticks, so I’ll probably live.’”

“Is it just me or does it look a little bit sepia outside?”

“I like growing up, I just don’t like doing adult things.”

“You should know by now that in Door County there is an inverse correlation between the desire (or lack there of) to be seen by someone you know and the chance that you will be seen by someone you know. That is why I avoid all public appearances…except when there is alcohol involved…or free food.”

“I wouldn’t want to swim in a pool with him.”


Is there someone or something that deserves a pat on the back or a slap on the wrist?

“Shout out to my 1992 Chevrolet Lumina – my radio-less beast of a car with bad brakes, exhaust, and blinkers that has been in my life since high school. I have fantastic memories trekking around the Midwest in your maroon interior. I will miss you, Lumi!

Now…who wants it? Seriously, $300 bucks – it’s yours. (Or just buy me a Blow Pop and a beer and we’ll call it even.)” ~ Sally Slattery

“Shout out to all the students – young and old – heading back to the classroom and hitting up the books. We hope you have a wonderfully successful school year and by that we mean we hope you learn a lot.” ~ Staff of the Peninsula Pulse

“Shout out to The Ridges for being so dang-blasted biodiverse and gorgeous.” ~ Carol Thompson


Is there something that really irks you, gets your goat, rubs you the wrong way, drives you up the wall, gets you bent out of shape, puts a stick in your craw, or makes you want to throw in the towel?

“People who throw trash in public grills at parks. It’s not a garbage can, it’s where I make my food.” ~ Grizzly Grill Master

“Sneezing when there is food in your mouth, especially Honey Bunches of Oats or a fruit smoothie.” ~ Miss Allergies

“Bees who bombard outside meals. What’s so great about lunchmeat and lemonade when there are bright nectar-filled flowers literally everywhere?!” ~ Annoyed Al Fresco Eater

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