Overheard, Shout Outs and Pet Peeves


Are there tid-bits of conversations you’ve heard while standing in line at the grocery store, serving a table, or walking down the sidewalk that make you smile, cringe or laugh out loud?

“I just had a PB&J with raspberry jalapeño jam…ok, ok, I had four of them.”

“Why is everyone in San Francisco so short?”

“What does Cinco de Mayo mean?”

“You’re a big Cracker Barrel commercial.”

“‘A greasy quesadilla is all I want in life.’ ‘That’s sad.’”

“Somehow I find myself thinking much more generous thoughts about people whose politics are different than mine if those people are speaking in British accents.”

“That’s red in all the wrong places.”

“I’ll just put my beach ball in my sweatshirt because it’s easier to carry that way.”

“Oh, Simon’s not here? Well, I guess he won’t be able to carry the arc of the covenant through coffee hour.”

“I don’t even like art!”


Is there someone or something that deserves a pat on the back or a slap on the wrist?

“Shout out to everyone who participated in this year’s Door County Half Marathon and Nicolet Bay 5k! The day was gorgeous, the runners inspirational, and the after-party was a blast!” ~ Staff of the Peninsula Pulse

“Shout out to all the attentive bikers and drivers. Let’s all stay safe and have a happy riding season!” ~The Sherman Family

“Shout out to Kurt and Erik Linczmaier for helping a girl with zero-to-none upper body strength move all her stuff (in one trailer load, in less than an hour) to her new digs. You’re such great friends and so ridiculously strong!” ~ Sally Slattery


Is there something that really irks you, gets your goat, rubs you the wrong way, drives you up the wall, gets you bent out of shape, puts a stick in your craw, or makes you want to throw in the towel?

“Running over road kill – it’s so unpleasant.” ~ Anonymous

“Waking up from a ‘10-minute nap’ two hours later.” ~ Sleepy Susan

“My eighteen-month-old’s new obsession with picking flowers…every single flower she sees. She’s yet to understand the concept of appreciating beauty, without needing to yank it from the ground and put it in her mouth.” ~ Floral Frenzy

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