Letter to the Editor: Owners Deny Use of Private Road to Snowmobilers, ATVs

We, the home, land and business owners on Linda Lane, from Bluff Road to County F in the Town of Baileys Harbor, by democratic vote, have reluctantly decided to deny the use of our private road to snowmobilers and ATV and UTV users. We deem this necessary not only to prevent additional road damage but also to maintain a safe road after past experiences. 

At times, it was only with great care that we were able to travel to work, shops and doctor appointments; and to make trips to the post office (because we do not have postal delivery on the lane) without getting stuck in the snow. This resulted in having to hire someone to repair the road for driving. 

A local business would no longer pump a holding tank out of concern about getting stuck. It’s important for insurance coverage that the fire department has ensured access to properties. Propane deliverers, holding-tank pumpers, FedEx and UPS drivers, emergency rescue services and other important service providers and businesses also require year-round safe driving on our road.

Linda Lane residents pay for materials, and residents who are able provide the physical maintenance of the road. We also pay for the snowplowing of the road. Although some will be disappointed with this decision, we ask for your understanding and compliance. 

This notice shall remain in effect until revoked in writing by a majority of Linda Lane owners. 

Rebecca Hawker

On behalf of Linda Lane owners