Painting Celebrates Breaking of Cubs’ “Curse”

I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. Milwaukee County Stadium, home of the Milwaukee Braves and then the Milwaukee Brewers, was about 41 miles north of my home. Wrigley Field was south, maybe 60 miles to the main gate. As I grew up I learned that on almost any afternoon, WGN-TV (Channel 9 in Chicago) was broadcasting the Cubs. The Cubs had no lights, and in a home stand it was afternoon after afternoon of baseball. Good baseball, not winning baseball.

“Hamm’s the beer refreshing” and the great Jack Brickhouse announcing are what I remember most about watching the games. As I grew up I stayed a Cubs fan. I went to Wrigley Field with friends two times and saw Leo Durocher, the great first baseman Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and the amazing Fergie Jenkins. I saw the scoreboard, the ivy, and the long-suffering Cubs fans.

Wrigley Field

“Wrigley Field” by Randy Rasmussen.

The painting you see of Wrigley Field was done early this spring and was briefly exhibited at Bay Art Gallery in Sister Bay. I did a demo in the gallery and learned something I will never forget. Many Cubs fans came by: people from Chicago, retirees from Chicago, etc. They commented on the painting saying it looked “nice” but they were resigned to never winning. Some did not want to be reminded of the Cubs. They had given up. I had originally done the painting with a grey sky and everyone in the painting looked mildly angry.

I took the painting home and changed the sky and the lighting as well as the faces on everyone in the foreground. On the marquee I put “Welcome Joe Maddon” and below it “Welcome Jon Lester.” Joe Maddon is perhaps the best manager in baseball and Jon Lester is an ace pitcher signed by the Cubs this year. As this is being written the Cubs are over .500 and will make the playoffs.

Both paintings are for sale and included in the sale is a Cubs hat. They are on display at the AMO Gallery and Frame Shop on Third Avenue in downtown Sturgeon Bay. Is this the year? Go Cubs!

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